Tech Gadgets and Apps Every Busy Mom Should Have

Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts life can offer. Full of twists and turns there is always something new to learn and numerous things to juggle. For many moms, it can become a struggle just to keep up…I’m speaking from experience!  Since the beginning of time, though, moms have found ways to manage the many duties that are required of them.  But it is always nice to have a little help just to make being a mom easier.  We’re fortunate enough to live in the age of advanced technology that has offered us many conveniences that make everyday life easier.  From gadgets to apps, there is something everyone can use and moms are certainly no exception to this.  I currently use and plan to purchase a few different apps and gadgets that make my life as a busy mom a bit easier so I thought it would be nice to share some ideas with other moms.

Evernote: Evernote is a handy app that I have installed on my phone, tablet, and laptop.  With features such as creating notes, notebooks, and snapping pics to save for later use, it serves as a workspace that can help you manage different parts of your life.  I have mainly used it to create notes that I’ll need to reference later such as ideas for blog topics and grocery lists.  But as I am learning more about what all Evernote has to offer I definitely plan to start using it for more such as categorizing my notes and even capturing audio interviews for my blog, which is much easier than trying to take notes as someone is speaking to me.  I also like that I am able to sync the information I save in Evernote between my phone, tablet, and laptop.  As long as you create an account you are able to enter and view information in Evernote across various devices.  I highly recommend it for use with your personal and work life.

Ease Into 5K: With everything that a mom has going on in her exciting life with taking care of kids and maintaining a household it is not surprising that many of us find it hard to slip in time for workouts.  The Ease Into 5K app is one I have been using that now has me up to 60 minutes of running…something I never thought I would be able to do!  I love it because it trains you to increase your running ability by starting you out at short Screenshot_2014-08-30-19-26-20-1intervals of walking and running with a steady increase in your run times.  Eventually, the walking is reserved only for the warm-up and cool-down portions of the workout.  It also syncs with your selected playlist of music that helps to stay motivated during the workout.  I really love it and quite honestly running while listening to some of my fave songs is a nice little calorie burner and mental break from the kids 🙂

Grocery iQ: So this is an app that I just started using and so far I really like it!  Starting out with Evernote as my app for storing my grocery lists,Screenshot_2014-09-03-21-55-55-1 I now use Grocery iQ for this.  Grocery iQ not only allows you to create grocery lists with predictive product searches but it also categorizes the items for you and also shows you any available coupons for those categories.  So while creating your grocery list it is also showing you how to save money with a variety of coupons you can find in each category.  Additionally, Grocery iQ allows you to create an account so you can access your grocery lists on different devices and on the web as well as share it with others.  I am very new to using this app so still learning all of its features.  But from what I can see so far I highly recommend this app.

Wearable GPS Devices: I wrote a blog post a few months ago about wearable GPS tracking devices that are kid-friendly.  If your kids are like mines they love to play outside and at their friends’ houses.  And if you tend to be a worry-freak like me sometimes (yes I admit it) then these wearable GPS devices I talked about in my post may be of great interest to you….particularly the GPS watches that your kids can wear.  Check out the article here.

Portable Phone Charger: Have your kids started asking to play games on your phone or do they have their own tablets that they play games on constantly running down the battery?  Then you may want to invest in a portable mobile device charger if you haven’t already.  With game playing, picture taking, web surfing, social media communicating and other fun stuff your phone or tablet may be used for it’s no wonder your battery is constantly being drained of all its juice.  For as low as $10 at Family Dollar and Wal-Mart there is no reason a mom should not have one of these handy devices.

Tablet with a Keypad (2-in-1 convertible tablet): I sooo want to get one of these very soon.  I love my Samsung Galaxy

tablet but it would be great if it could sometimes work as a mini laptop for me.  This is why I now have my eye on 2-in-1 convertible tablets.  I haven’t decided yet which brand I want but from what I’ve seen so far Acer and HP seem to be great picks at very affordable prices.  With a great combination of laptop and tablet features such as Microsoft Office products and mobile apps, the 2-in-1 convertible tablet is sure to bring much needed convenience to the often hectic lifestyle of a mom.  I am patiently waiting for the Black Friday sales so I can get one of these for myself 🙂

Groupon/LivingSocial: Ok by now almost everyone should know what Groupon and LivingSocial are and there are a variety of deals PhotoGrid_1409845698972-1offered through these sites for anyone of any age.  This is why I have both of these as apps on my mobile devices.  If I want to plan anything ranging from a trip with the kids to an amusement park to a kids-free night out with the hubby at a lavish restaurant then I am likely going to check Groupon or LivingSocial for great deals that can save us money.  And there is always a great deal available so having these apps available at your fingertips at all times is a must.  It never hurts to save a few bucks especially as a mom!

KeepSafe: Do you ever take “naughty” pics for your own or someone else’s viewing pleasure? 🙂  Well, if you have kids who constantly ask for Screenshot_2014-09-03-16-50-26-1your phone and may even know your passcode so they can access it for playing games then you might need to be extra careful with hiding these pics. KeepSafe is an app that will help you do this.  With a passcode required to enter, this app allows you to take new pics as well as store existing pics in a “secret” database.  You can even categorize your pics by putting them into different folders.  Pretty cool app for the mom who likes to show her risque side from time to time 😉

These are just a few of the gadgets and apps that I think are great for all moms to have based on my personal experiences as a mom.  Let’s face it…being a mom is fulfilling and challenging all at the same time so anything that can make it a bit easier is much appreciated.  Take advantage of what technology has made possible and the conveniences we can now enjoy that moms of past generations could not.  Like they say….a happy mother makes a happy family 🙂

Feel free to leave any suggestions you have for tech gadgets and apps that are good for moms.


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