The Best Practices for A Lasting Gel Manicure

Maintaining attractive nails is a costly affair, and every woman wants real value for their money. It’s purposeless to engage in any form of beauty therapy that crumbles after only a few days. However, when using trusted brands such as OPI nail polish, even a neglected manicure can last up to three weeks.

The Best Practices for A Lasting Gel Manicure

The basic rule of having a lasting manicure is paying attention to the application process. If possible, extend the curing process to fortify the gel polish. Dr. Randy Schuller agrees that sufficient UV light is the key to a durable gel nail manicure.

However, even a fastidiously done manicure still requires certain practices in order to last. Such routines may include avoiding contact with hot water. In this post, you will learn it is O.K. for you proceed with a gel manicure if you notice a nail condition. Finally, there is an outline of several habits that may help you achieve the best from polish gel nails.

Should I Have A Manicure With A Nail Condition?

Before you visit a nail technician, perform a thorough examination on your natural nails, palms, and the area around the wrist. Health conditions, for example, diabetes, can reduce the flow of blood to the feet and hands. Another condition known as Raynaud’s Syndrome also limits blood circulation since it affects arteries and veins.

In this section, we shall focus on how to handle brittle nails before, during, and after a nail treatment session. The most recurrent problem in nail health is a condition also called onychoschizia, and it is more prevalent in women than in men. Affected nails eventually split, become thinner, and become softer.

It is common for brittle nails to begin with vertical or horizontal splits. As a result, thin layers of the nail surface peel off. The natural cause of peeling is the sustained damage upon keratin, a protective fibrous protein also present in the skin and hair.

It is perfectly fine for you to experience gel nails despite clots, ridges, or ugly scars on the nail surface. In fact, a professional or home gel nail manicure is the best option when it comes to concealing scars as they heal. Authentic brands also contain products with useful supplements to reinforce nail treatment.

The moisture content in your nails is one of the major causes of brittle nails. Moisturizers that maintain the glow of polish gel nails cater for this problem. A lot of moisture causes soft and brittle nails; too little moisture will result in hard, brittle nails. Age is also a great contributor to brittle nails, as women grow older, it is advised that they use nail enhancements to support nail health.

In case you notice any nail abnormalities, please consult a doctor after the beauty therapy session. One of the most common underlying causes of onychoschizia is thyroid disorder. When it occurs, a person suffers from hormonal imbalances; nails come off their beds in due time. A medical doctor can help to identify any other cause of splitting nails like anemia, which may be a life-saving moment.

How to Make A Gel Nails Manicure Last Longer

The most effortless means of making a manicure last longer is through wearing gloves. Gloves will save you from excessive exposure to water and harsh detergents. Beware that all soap contains lye, a highly alkaline solvent that can swiftly destroy a manicure. Other measures that can keep gel nails radiant include the following:

Adequate Preparation Before Polish

In the case of severe ridges on the nail surface, you will require a ridge-filling strengthener. Alternatively, use a four-sided buffer to create an even surface. Buffing should be done with utmost care to avoid destroying the nail tissue further. During the preparation stage, remember to wipe out all traces of oily residue from the previous manicure session.

Constant Moisturizing Of Nails

Form a habit of rubbing a moisturizer on your hands every night. Dehydrated nails are more vulnerable to splitting and breaking. An instructor of clinical dermatology, Jill Weistein MD, recommends a bottle of cuticle oil on the bedside table.

Shape Up Your Nails

Slightly oval nails are attractive and easier to maintain. When shaping nails, it is best to file in one direction, back and forth movement may weaken and damage the nail tips.

Keep It Short

Talon-like nails are bound to split and break sooner or later. Long nails are also outdated. Dr. Ralph Daniel II based in the University of Mississippi Medical Center remarks: “The longer the nail is, the more it acts like a lever…any kind of force can lift the nail plate upward and away from its bed.”


If you follow all the rules of the application process, you are more likely to have glowing nail gel colors for almost a month. Adding the top coat regularly can extend a manicure longer than anticipated. An additional top coat is also referred to as “a seal”.