Professional Gel Nail Starter Kit You Should Try Out

If you want a professional gel nail starter kit that’s everything you need for a flawless look, then an OPI gel nail starter kit is what you need. It won’t be an overstatement to say that the innovation of gel nail polish is a wonderful one. It is the solution to all worries about dry time, durability, shine, and longevity. You’ll find a good selection of exciting colors and beautiful nail designs to add glamour to your gel polish manicure.

Gel manicures were previously restricted to salons, but the demand for gel manicures has increased, with many brands producing at-home gel kits. These offer a better alternative for people who can’t fix an appointment for a manicure, spending lots of money every month. If you apply nail polish yourself, you can achieve a good gel manicure. With practice, you’ll become an expert in a short time. There’s a variety of gel nail polish kits in the market, but it depends on your preferences. One is sure to find a gel nail kit that fits their unique needs.

OPI Gel Nail Starter Kit

With each nail polish, you can get more than ten gel manicure sets. If you check how much it costs to get a gel manicure at a nail salon, you’ll realize that the OPI gel polish starter kit is an affordable option. The application and drying process of the OPI gel kit is relatively easy. You need to cure the nail polish under LED light for 30 seconds or 2 minutes under a UV lamp. Gel manicure lasts as long as three weeks with a glossy shine. It does not chip or fade quickly and gives a classy look at all times.

OPI Gel Nail Starter Kit

OPI Gel Color is a sophisticated gel nail polish with a thin formula that resembles regular nail polish but dries instantly. OPI gel color is a unique gel polish that gives you up to three weeks of shine, wears, and color. Gel nail polish changes your nail game and does not chip or stress you.

The new OPI formula is a leading brand in the nail beauty industry. That’s to say that this product is unique. If you want a good gel nail polish kit that will offer quality and durability, this OPI gel polish kit is what you need.  It promises to give you only quality products that are healthy for your nails and can last a long time.

If you’re looking for a way to invest something in the long term, this gel nail polish kit is worth every penny spent on it. It includes all you need to carry out a complete gel nail set: Top coat, LED lamp, remover, base coat and gel colors.
With gel nail polish, GelColor is the best of all, and it beats the rest. OPI has a unique lineup of nail polish colors that will exceed your imagination. We can assure you that buying one of these is the best decision you can make.

Typically, OPI gel nail polish is termed GelColor Soak-off Gel Lacquer, and it refers to a coat of gel colors that looks like nail polish. It is designed for a glossier finish and thin brush-on formula, lasting as long as three weeks.

What differentiates Gel Nails from Acrylic Nails

If you love following the latest trends with nail shapes or you love long nails, acrylic nails are what you need. Another difference between a regular manicure and gel nails is the curing process. You can cure the nail color between each coat and set the nail polish by placing your nails under an LED light.

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish

Step 1: If you have nail polish on, you need to remove it.
Step 2: Trim the nails if necessary, and shape using a file. Choose a nail shape and go with it.
Step 3: Push the cuticles back or trim the nails, then buff before cleaning. You can wash your hands.
Step 4: OPI bond aid is a nail primer applied on the nail surface that makes the natural nails reach the proper pH with optimum adhesion, and a base coat for bonding is used.
Step 5: The nails are cured under an LED light.
Step 6: It requires curing the lacquer under LED light until the topcoat becomes cured.
Step 7: Wipe off the nails with an alcohol wipe so you can get a message to your hand and wrist.

The Benefits Of Gel Manicure Include

Three weeks long-lasting shine

If you have a busy schedule and you can’t visit a salon regularly, the gel nail polish works well without losing its luster or dulling. Simply put, regular nail polish gives an outcome ten times more efficient, saving you time and money, with your nails looking like plenty of money.

More shine

Nail manicure is very irritating and does not chip your nail look. Gel nail polish kit is resistant to chipping, though it depends on your gel nail polish application.


The OPI gel polish kit is safe on your nail beds and strengthens them. You can get one of these for your nail collection, and you’ll be glad about your decision.