Learn How to Remove SNS Nail Powder the Right Way

Dip powder manicures have become popular, with many women preferring to have them instead of other regular manicures. The primary benefit of a dip powder manicure is its ease of application and removal. Besides, dip powder manicures last comfortably for four weeks. Moreover, they do not require exposing your nails to UV light. Furthermore, you have excellent products like SNS kit available on the market to enhance the pleasure of having a dip manicure.

How to Remove SNS Nail Powder the Right Way

While applying dip powder on the nails the right way is crucial, so is its removal. If you make haste, you could end up with disfigured nails that could take time to heal. So let us learn the proper method of removing nail polish. The best part is that the process is simple.

How to Remove SNS Nail Powder at Home

Get your things in order

You should have the ingredients ready for use. You would not like to spend time looking for the missing items in the middle of the nail polish removal procedure. The removal items include nail files, buffers, cotton swabs, acetone solution, alcohol, aluminum wraps, cuticle oil, etc.

File the excess polish off

Dip nail manicures are durable. Hence, you can have thick layers of dip polish on your nails at the time of their removal. However, soaking the entire nail in acetone can be cumbersome. Therefore, salon technicians advise filing off as many nail polish layers as possible before proceeding with the soaking procedure.

When filing the nails, you have to be careful not to file too hard. Otherwise, you could scrape off the nail surface and scar it. These injuries can take time to heal. The ideal way is to file the nails gently and allow the powder to fall off. Once the color becomes faint, you can stop.

Brush off the debris and the SNS nail powder residue before the soaking procedure.

The acetone soaking procedure

Take a clean plastic bowl and pour acetone into it. You can dip your nails in acetone for around 20 minutes for the solution to penetrate the polish layers and dissolve them. Alternatively, you can use sterilized cotton swabs dipped in acetone and place them on your nails. You can secure an aluminum wrap over the cotton pad to keep them in place. Alternatively, you can use nail removing caps. You can also use them to secure the cotton balls.

Wait for around 30 to 35 minutes. It can take time for the acetone solution to seep into your nail polish and dissolve them. After 35 minutes, you can remove the aluminum wrap and see the nail polish layer slide off on its own.

If it does not slide off naturally, you can use the cuticle pusher to push the nail polish layer. However, it is not advisable to apply too much force as it can damage your nail bed. If the nail polish persists, you have no option but to repeat the soaking procedure.

Wash your nails thoroughly with water

Once the nail polish removal is over, you can wash your nails thoroughly with soap and water. There should not be any trace of acetone on your nails or skin.

Acetone can dehydrate your nail surface and remove water from the skin. Therefore, it is essential to moisturize your nails regularly using cuticle oil. Take some drops of cuticle oil directly on your nail and massage it gently using your fingers. The nails can be a bit sore after the polish removal procedure. Hence, you have to be careful not to press them. It can be a painful experience.

While massaging your nails, applying oil on the skin surrounding the nail and the cuticles are also better. Rehydrating your nails is crucial. Hence, experts advise against going for a new manicure immediately after a nail polish removal procedure.

You can have a gap of around a week to allow the nails to heal naturally. Meanwhile, you should have a healthy diet comprising liquids to help nourish your nails and regain their health. It is also not advisable to cut your nails immediately after removing the SNS nail powder manicure. The nails can be tender and thus snap. You can injure yourself.

While acetone is the best nail polish removal solution, you can try alternatives like alcohol, hand sanitizers, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, etc. These alternatives are good but not as efficient as acetone.

Final Thoughts

As you see, removing dip powder manicure is amongst the easiest of removal procedures. In comparison, the acrylic nail removal procedure can be challenging. You might have to visit the salon. However, dip powder removal does not require you to go to the salon. You can practice the procedure at home and master it in no time. The best way is to invest in a good kit like the SNS nail kit.