How to Do Kiara Sky Dip for Beginners

Dip powder nail paints are one of the most popular manicure kits that are used by the majority of women these days. The amazing thing about these nail dip powders is that it is quite easy to apply and can be efficiently used without spending a lot of money on costly lamps, drills, and tools.

In addition to that, applying a series of topcoats of this seal protect powder enables you to achieve a stylish and chic nail look even if you are a beginner and you are doing it all at home. The dip powder helps you to create a glamorous look just like those acrylics that you get done at a salon without the hassle of the added weight and the potential damage to your nails.

How to Do Kiara Sky Dip for Beginners

So, if you are on the verge of the chaos to find out how to do the Kiara Sky nail dip for beginners, then you are certainly at the right place at the right time. Read more below to identify a step-by-step guide for getting dip powder manicure done at the comfort of your home and all by yourself.

Steps to Make Your Own Nails with Dip Powder at Home

Prepare Your Nails

Before you start your procedure of DIY dip powder nails, the first thing that you have to make sure of is if your hands and nails are properly prepped or not.

For instance, before the actual application of the product, an expert would always recommend you to begin with clean and fresh hands, which means properly washed, and sanitized hands are a must or a clear base. In order to do that, you can certainly start by pushing back your cuticles and removing any kind of dead tissues present on the nails.

Once you are done with this, the next step would be to get rid of the shine from your natural nail with the help of a hand nail filer and get your nails in whatever desired shape you would want, however, the main focus should be on the edge and cuticles of the nails during the first step.

Application Of The Bond

Once you have properly prepared your nails to start the procedure, you can now get ready to begin your dip powder nail manicure. This means that now would be the right time to go forward with your nail bond and apply this to the nail entirely. You would need to be a bit careful in this step, as it is one of the most significant parts of the dip powder nails.

The application of the bond will help you to dehydrate your nails and eliminate any type of excessive oils from it as it might cause nail lifting later.

Apply Base

The next step to your DIY dip nail powder manicure is to hold the base and then apply the 3/4th part of your nail. After you are done applying the base, one thing that you would want to ensure is to determine if you are applying a thin and even layer properly on your nail so that the application goes smooth and comes out nicely.

Now it would be time to dip your nail into the dip powder that comes with your Kiara Sky dip powder set. The dip powder is applied as it is vital to strengthen the nail in this manicure. You can remove the excess of the powder with the help of a soft and fluffy dust brush for the nails that makes your nails look flawless.

Dip Again

Once you apply a fine and thin layer of the base and the powder for the first time, you would need to dip your nails in the dip powder color of your choice and repeat the whole process again.

After the second layer, a third and final layer of the base would be needed in order to make sure your manicure comes out as gorgeous as you want.

Seal Protect

The final step to complete your dip nail powder manicure is to apply a layer of seal protection on it in order to secure the nail paint after you brush off the extra powder from your nails.

Seal protection is a very necessary step as without this step, your nails would never be able to completely dry and smoothen out.


This handy guide will make you able to get done with a dip powder nail manicure all by yourself, even if you are a beginner. You can also get better results by watching several youtube videos to get finer results like a salon and get pro tips from several influencers. So, let your style do all the talking by trying out this latest in fashion and long-lasting Kiara Sky dip system.

Also, this step-by-step guide will help you save lots of your hard-earned money from now on what you might have to spend in a nail salon earlier.