Korean Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Do you know how Korean makeup is different from normal makeup? Korean beauty is extremely popular among people because of its multi-tasking benefits. Korean makeup looks have been trending for the last few years, and it looks like it is gaining more love and attention from beauty enthusiasts every year.

Korean Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

If you are a makeup junkie and want to learn the simple ways of doing Korean makeup, you must read this article. You will be able to do Korean makeup by yourself without the need for a makeup artist.

What Is the Korean Makeup Look?

If you don’t know how Korean makeup looks is different from the usual makeup look, then you must check out the pictures of popular Korean celebrities like Krystal Jung. Their flawless skin and youthful look make Korean makeup so popular in Asia.

Korean makeup is all about keeping the makeup light so that you look naturally beautiful. To guide you to achieve the look effortlessly, we share Korean makeup tutorials that beginners can follow.

Prepare Your Skin Using Moisturizer

You have to use a moisturizer to hydrate your skin daily if you want to achieve Korean glass skin. People with dry skin should use a mask cream at night and leave it overnight. You will wake up with an extra moisture boost.

Apply Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from UV rays is the most important step, and you must carry sunscreen with you at all times. Even popular Korean makeup professionals like Risabae have discussed the importance of applying sun protection creams.

Although many foundations come with SPF, you still need to protect your skin by applying sunscreen before doing any makeup. If you skip this step, the harmful UV rays can not only damage your skin but also quicken the process of skin aging.

CC Cream

CC cream, which means color corrector cream, is especially important for those who want to hide blemishes, imperfections, or wrinkles in their skin. If you want to hide your wrinkles, you should get the best CC cream for mature skin.

You can use a makeup blender to apply CC cream to your skin. To get an even complexion, blend the cream in a circular motion. You should mostly use CC cream when you don’t apply heavy makeup.


Most of us are not born with perfectly flawless skin, and here comes the importance of using concealer. You need something which can hide all of the stubborn acne scars, dark circles, and blemishes that are still visible even after using CC cream.

Concealer can be used as a highlighter to make the nose and cheekbones more prominent in your face. If you want to use concealer as a highlighter, you should get one shade lighter than your skin color. However, if you don’t have blemishes, you don’t need a concealer for your Korean makeup look.

Eye Makeup

In Korea, eye makeup is considered the most important part of the makeup routine. Thus, eye makeup is popularly called point makeup.

Koreans apply minimum eye-shadow because they don’t want to make it obvious that they are applying it. You should apply an eyeshadow with neutral colors such as pink, brown, or coral color. It is important to ensure the color of the eye shadow matches your skin complexion.

When choosing the right eyeliner, you should choose a brown one because it provides a natural look.


After doing your base makeup, you need to add some glow by applying blush to your face. There are various blushers available in the form of powder, cream, and liquid. You can choose the best Korean blush as per your preferences. When choosing the color of the blush, you get one that complements your skin complexion.

If you are using a blusher for the first time or want quick results, you should get a powder blusher because it is easy to blend. You should apply the blush from the cheek’s high points towards the temples and blend it so that it looks like a natural glow on the skin.


When it comes to applying lips, you should choose a lipstick that is of a darker shade. It should be applied on the inner lip and blend outwards using cotton or makeup. This process will provide a gradient on your lips that looks natural.


We hope this tutorial will be helpful when you try Korean by yourself at home. You should make sure you get the right products that match your skin complexion. Keep the look natural and apply minimum eye shadow.