Less Cardio, More Body Weight & Strength Training

Weight loss transformation

I never realized how big I was until I lost the weight..b/c I had gotten so used to being the size I was!

I’m finally in a place on my fitness journey where I do not desire to lose any more weight. Sure there are still a couple of problem areas I still have where I’d like to shed a bit more body fat.  But my main goal now is to stay within my ideal weight range while building a little muscle for sexy toning and definition.  So how do I achieve this (and I’m still a work in progress so not quite where I’d like to be).  So let me get right to it and show you some of what I do.

As the title of this blog post mentions I do little cardio now.  I’ve replaced my intense cardio workouts with lighter exercises such as only jogging and walking.  Every so often I may still get a hardcore cardio workout in after a weekend of bad eating and drinking (by my standards).  But this is rare since I don’t do “cheat days” and try to eat right everyday.  In the absence of regular intense cardio I used to do eating right is even more important.  Now, how about the workouts I do to keep my body nicely toned with a little muscle?  Here are a few, which you can also see in my video below:

– squats (including jumping & weighted)

– lunges (including jumping)

– push-ups

– planks

– crunches (various types)

Check out my (very) short video below.  Maybe you can try out a couple of these moves or suggest in the comments some you think I should try.  In an upcoming post, I’ll talk about what I’m eating to correspond with my fitness goals.  Hope you find this helpful!

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