Ideas for Healthier Fundraisers


Girl Scout cookies.  Cheesy, saucy, pizza.  Chocolate clusters and other candies.  Sugary baked goods.  What do these things have in common?  They taste good?  Well…yeah probably to most people.  How about FUNDRAISERS??  Yes, these are items that are commonly featured in fundraisers.  You probably have been approached at least once by a kid from the neighborhood, church, or even your own home (meaning your kid) about purchasing these items for a good cause such as raising money for the local school or kid activities.  And let’s face it….who wants to turn down a sweet-face kid asking you to purchase a couple of items for a good cause?  money pic


I was recently approached about purchasing some items from one of my fave pizza suppliers.  They also sell desserts such as frozen pies and cookie dough….MY WEAKNESS! So can you imagine the willpower it took for me to not purchase any items because of my concern with the calories, bad fats, and…well my inability to not eat an entire pizza on my own??  After turning down the opportunity to purchase these tempting, tasty items (I’d rather just give money instead to contribute), something came to mind. I wondered about healthier alternatives for fundraising and what options are available for this.  Maybe next time I try to get people to buy items from my kid’s pizza fundraiser and almost everyone turns me down because they are “watching their weight” then I can give them an alternate fundraiser to purchase from instead.  

That inspired me to come up with this blog post in the hopes that it will help others who have also been faced with this “dilemma”.  So if you’re interested in finding ideas on healthier fundraisers then please read on.

  • game tickets – sell tickets to a sports event such as baseball at a discounted rate
  • fruit and vegetable baskets – nicely decorated baskets containing a colorful fruits and veggies are sure to sell quite well
  • car washes – this may be more ideal for warmer weather but can be a great money maker depending on your location
  • candles – who doesn’t like candles and they also make great gifts
  • coupon books – this can be tricky if the book is full of coupons to place that sell unhealthy food
  • cookbook filled with healthy recipes – everyone could use a little help on ideas for healthier recipes and this is a great way to pass on such information while raising money for a good cause

Have you tried any of these fundraisers in the past or have any ideas for other healthier alternatives for raising money?  Hope this information helps you as much as it has helped me!


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