How To Use Social Media To Inspire Your Fitness Journey

It seems like the new thing to do these days is post transformation social mediapictures on social media.  I see them all the time now.  Someone posts a collage showing on the left side what they looked like two years or however long ago and on the right side how they currently look.  They may or may not list their old and current weight but from looking at the pictures you can definitely see the progress made.  Seeing such pictures can be a huge motivator…this even motivated me when I started considering getting more serious about my fitness journey.  And a few months later after starting my journey I was able to post my own transformation picture and still continue to do so from time to time.  I’ve also chosen to follow a number of people on social media whose pictures impressed me to the point that I wanted to know what they had done to lose the weight and what they continue to do to maintain it.  But I don’t just choose to follow any and everyone who appear to be “fitness freaks” on social media.  There are a few things I like to consider first before hitting the “follow” or “like” button…and I think you should do the same. Here’s what I look for when considering a worthy “fitness freak” follow on social media:

  • Body type: Everyone’s body is not built the same. Speaking from a woman’s perspective, I see some who are curvy, thick, skinny, bulky, fat, obese…you get the picture.  We come in all shapes and sizes and this often means that what works for us when it comes to losing weight and maintaining it may be different for each of us, too.  For example, I don’t tend to follow the women who are very muscular or bulky because that is not a body type I desire.  Nothing wrong with it…it just isn’t for me and is not a fitness goal I have.  Who I tend to follow are ladies in great shape who still remain curvy such as those with toned, thick thighs and a nice, shapely butt.  This is the look I prefer and fits well within my fitness goals.  So by following women like this I can get ideas on exercise and dieting that have worked well in helping them to maintain their shapes.
  • Diet type: I am what they call a pescatarian (they have a name for everything these days). A pescatarian is a person who does not eat meat or animal flesh with the exception of fish.  I tend to eat mostly vegetarian with fish included in my meals a few times a week but not daily.  I’ve found this to work extremely well for me in helping me to stay within my ideal weight range while also still getting the protein I need (fish is an excellent, healthy protein source!).  So by following someone with the same or similar diet I get great ideas on healthy meals that include fish and seafood and ways to prepare them.  It just doesn’t make sense for me to follow someone, for example, who eats very healthy and looks great but always post pictures about all the delectable meat dishes she prepares.
  • Age range: It is never too late to get in better shape and I’ve seen some older people who are killin’ the fitness game! I also think it’s awesome to see some of the younger people such as those in their teens and early 20s passionate about the fit lifestyle.  But let’s face it…I’m 36 years old.  I’ve also had two babies (one naturally and one via cesarean).  So it isn’t ideal for me to follow the 82-year old woman who likely doesn’t do any of the intense workouts I sometimes do.  And I’m not trying to follow the 20 year old young lady who hasn’t had any kids, either, and whose body is actually still somewhat developing into more of an adult woman’s body.  I need to follow someone who is more relatable to me.  I love to find women who have had a few kids and live busy lives but still find time to do what it takes to live a fit, healthy lifestyle.  Much of their struggle with weight loss was likely very similar to mine’s so I just feel that my fitness journey would align more with theirs and want to see what tips and advice I can get from them.
  • Male vs. female: While I do follow guys on social media who post about their fitness journeys I tend to follow the ladies more often. While I can get some great tips from the men, as a woman, I just relate more to the fitness journeys of other women because of things such as body type, previously having kids, and workouts that are great for women (especially those like me who never want to lose my curves!).  So while I’m definitely not against showing love to the “fitness freak” fellas and do follow some on social media I’m more likely to follow the ladies.

These are just a few things I tend to consider before following someone on social media….do you have any?  Use social media to your advantage as you start or aim to continue on your fitness like picjourney.  From my experience, Instagram is great for seeing lots of pictures of body transformations and healthy food ideas.  Facebook is great for pictures somewhat but really awesome for actual dialogue and even joining virtual accountability fitness groups.  I enjoy Pinterest for great ideas on healthy foods and snacks to eat and have also found a number great tips and infographics on there related to fitness and health topics.  These things have been extremely helpful to me so I hope you can find them helpful to you, as well.

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