How To Save Time and Money While Traveling

Let’s face it…traveling can be expensive.  Even the shortest trips may have you surpassing your planned budget.  Between eating out, nightlife, and shopping you may find yourself easily spending much more money on a trip than you intended.  But if you’re willing to do a little more planning with some research then you can also just as easily SAVE yourself lots of money.  Now who doesn’t like to save money??  Wanna know how you can do this?  Then read on.

Groupono: Groupon is one of the most popular services that Groupon screenshotprovides all types of discounts in various cities.  All you need to do is specify the city you’re in then choose a category such as restaurants or things to do.  What I really like about Groupon is that I can access it as an app on my mobile devices & the ease of buying a deal since I have an account set up with them.  No matter what city I’ve been to I can always rely on Groupon to have some type of deal I can use.  I’m talking about deals with $5 for $15 worth of food or date night deals slashed in half just to name a couple.  With deals like these and lots more in various cities it’s definitely worth checking out.  Groupon makes it super convenient to access your purchases by allowing you to set up an account.  With an account, you can always access your Groupons when you need to present them as payment for the services you purchased.


LivingSocial screenshotLivingSocial: Much like Groupon, LivingSocial also offers deals at a variety of places in different cities.  I use it just as much as Groupon and quite honestly I can’t tell much of a difference between the two.  I do go back and forth between the two sites (or apps as they are also available to download onto your mobile devices) since one may not have a deal that the other has.  And like Groupon, LivingSocial also stores your purchase information in your account so you can easily access it when needed.


EventBrite:Eventbrite screenshot Have you ever found yourself spending waaaay too much money on going out such as to various day or nightlife events?  It’s really easy to do especially when you’re on vacation trying to live it up (I’m speaking from experience with this!).  But you can save yourself a nice amount of money if you simply take out the time beforehand to look at upcoming events on EventBrite, a site that provides information and ticket sales for a multitude of events in different cities.  I often use it by typing in the location I’ll be visiting and looking for events that interest me, which can be filtered and categorized for convenience of looking at the results.  One of these categories filters out the free events that are in the area, which is where you can save big bucks.  Since I have an account set up with EventBrite, I’m able to buy event tickets online AND have them stored in my account for easy retrieval whenever I need them.  This is great since many places nowadays do not require you to present a paper ticket…instead, they’ll allow you to show the tickets on your phone via sites and apps such as EventBrite.  They also email the tickets to you.  Super convenient!


Mystery Shopping:  Mystery shopping is probably something that most people do not think about in the slightest bit when looking to save money while traveling.  But guess what….you most certainly can!  I’ve done it a few times when I took out the time to request assignments.  I’ve been able to get reimbursed for weekend hotel stays as well as able to get reimbursed meals for dining out at various restaurants.  When doing this you are just required to follow the guidelines for the assignment and then complete the report to submit to the mystery shopping company.  Their clients rely on this information for important feedback on areas such as customer service and the appearance of their facility.  So in return for you providing such feedback they are willing to reimburse you and even sometimes give you an additional fee for your work.  Think of the potential money savings here…doesn’t hurt to try it!

These are just a few ways I’ve been able to save time and money while traveling so I hope you find this information helpful.  With just a little planning you can already have a prepared list of places to eat and hang out at while also knowing what type of budget you’re facing.  Everyone should be able to enjoy the fun of traveling without hurting their pockets too much and spending too much time trying to figure out what to do….and a little simple planning using these tools can help you do just that.

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