How To Eat Well While Traveling

Anyone who knows me know that traveling, by far, is one of my favorite things to do.  Ever since I was a kid I’d get a thrill out of hitting the road to go somewhere other than where I lived.  And once I went away to college I took full advantage of my new found freedom and traveled from coast to coast.  So, of course, since I have gotten older I still love to travel at least several times a year.  But being a more health-conscious person now as an adult, I have tried to find ways to maintain a healthy diet while traveling, which can be a challenge.  If you’re a road-tripper like me (that’s how I travel the majority of the time), then I am sure you know how tempting it is to get a bite to eat from one of the many fast food restaurants you may pass or a slice of pizza along with junk food and sugary juice or soda from the gas station.  How about those donuts with coffee you like to grab in the morning to get your trip started?  Even after you settle into your destination going out to eat a few times a day is very easy to do…a time when you may not watch what you’re eating.  And let’s not forget about those “adult beverages” that some of us like to partake in (me included).  I mean who doesn’t enjoy a nice, cold, strong margarita during a Mexico vacay or some cold beers on the beach?  But if you are willing to sit down and do a little planning ahead you can come up with an “eat well while traveling” list.  I think preparing such a list makes it easier to stick to your eating plan and also gives you something to reference when you go buy your “travel food” or get hungry for a snack/meal.  Below is a list I used on a recent week and a half trip I took with my family.  Of course, since I am a mom it is kid-friendly but I did throw in a few items strictly for the adults (gotta have my wine!).  So here goes:


  • Granola (I like to make my own but if I can’t I just avoid any with lots of sugar and lack of nutritious benefits)
  • Animal crackers (fat-free snack that kids and adults enjoy)
  • Baked chips (always better than regular chips)
  • Fruit (fruit is usually always good…just be sure to watch your intake of fruits high in sugar such as )
  • Vegan cookies (I made these not long ago for the first time with oats, flax seed, cocao powder, and bananas…recipe coming soon)
  • Veggie chips (kale chips is my fave…you can get your veggies in without having to refrigerate them…just store in sandwich bags)
  • Chex mix (sometimes I like to make my own)


I can’t tell you exactly what to eat while out but what I try to stick to the following list by either avoiding or minimizing these:

  • fried foods
  • anything with heavy sauces
  • pastas and starches except brown rice
  • breads


  • Anything straight in shot glass-sized servings
  • Wine (preferably red for maximum benefit)
  • Avoid or minimize mixed drinks, which can be full of sugar and calories; if you do mix try it with seltzer/sparkling water, lemon juice or lime juice
  • Water (my fave way to drink is with lemon)
  • Fruit juice (don’t go overboard because they can contain a lot of sugar!)

Hope this list helps!  Even if it doesn’t planning ahead and creating a list that you can realistically stick to helps.  Good luck!healthy food pic

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