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I recently heard someone say at the office “sitting is the new smoking”.  I found this to be quite interesting as I never thought of the effects of sitting for long periods of time as so many working adults do.  Many of us have jobs where we are sitting for much of the day whether it is an in-office or home office/telecommuting job.  And it’s easy to find yourself sitting for a few hours if you’re heads down in work.  While this may be the norm for many it can also be treacherous on the body more than you may think.

 Have you ever noticed that after sitting at a desk for a long period of time you may feel a little stiffness or have a few small aches and pains such as in your neck or lower back?  Or maybe you experience headaches.  All of these “complications” could be the beginning of something that could cause you more pain eventually…even potentially causing permanent damage.  You may be wondering what you can do to prevent such aches and pains especially if you have a job that generally involves a lot of sitting.  But there are definitely a few ways you can prevent this from being an issue for you.  Here are a few ways to do just that:

Get Up for Periodic Stretches

Take a break every so often just to stretch.  Stretching can help alleviate certain aches and pains and reduce muscle tension.  There are software programs and even apps such as Stretch Exercises (I have this downloaded onto my Android phone) that provides a

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variety of stretches you can do while on the job and at home. Stretching is one of the easiest but still effective exercises you can do.

Standing Desk

Standing desks are just that; desks where you are able to stand up while working.  Unlike the typical desk, standing desk are taller in height so you can stand while working still remain eye level with

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your computer.  Just a side note: Based on a BBC report, calories burned while standing for 1 hour equals approximately 50 calories.




Standing While Doing Daily Activities

Ok so you may not be able to talk management into allowing you to get a standing desk….they aren’t cheap.  But you can do some things you normally sit for while standing instead.  Think eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Or how about standing while watching your fave TV show or checking social media.  So just imagine how many more calories you could burn per day just by standing instead of sitting during these normal, daily activities….it adds up!

Do a Vigorous Workout

If you’re spending most of your day sitting then it is a great idea to make sure you get in a vigorous workout at least a few times a week. This can help you burn some of those calories that stick around while you’re just sitting.

Eat a Light Lunch with Snacks Throughout the Day

Spreading out your meals into smaller portions throughout the day (like 2-3 hours apart including snacks) can be extremely helpful

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when trying to maintain and lose weight.  So even if you’re sitting much of the day you can still benefit from taking in fewer calories by not ever allowing yourself to go hungry, which can lead to overeating at your next meal.

Just Get a Different Job!

Ok so maybe this isn’t likely but it is definitely possible!

Don’t let yourself become a victim of office injury or extra weight gain resulting from sitting too long.  Remember to get up and stretch or walk around periodically.  I like to get up a couple of times a day and just walk the stairs or go to the restroom on a different floor. There are all kinds of things you can do to get that extra calorie burn in as well as prevent nagging aches and pains, which you should not ignore because they can result in more serious conditions.  Always take care of your body so it will take care of you.


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