Don’t Just Get Fit…Get Charged with the Fitbit Charge! My Review

I really LOVE the age of technology…I mean I am an IT professional by day 🙂  But with my passion for fitness and health I really love combining tech and fitness together and I do this on a daily.  I enjoy tracking meals using MyFitnessPal as well as a couple of other apps to track my runs.  Recently I purchased a Fitbit Flex and so far I’ve enjoyed it very much!  But as a fitness blogger I was recently presented with an opportunity from Verizon to try out the Fitbit Charge and see what all it has to offer. It’s a very cool device to have and I really enjoyed using it.  Are you currently shopping around for a wearable fitness tracking device such as Fitbit?  Or maybe you just haven’t decided which fitness tracker you would like to purchase (because there are many!).  Well check out my review below on my experience with the very cool Fitbit Charge.

The Look
Compared to my Fitbit Flex, the band of the Charge is wider and display screen is larger.  Some may see a wider band as making it fitbit charge reviewmore sturdy and I can see that, too.  But for me it was also a more masculine look.  I prefer the slimmer look of the Flex.  But I must admit that with the wider band and ridges the Charge does look a bit more interesting.

The Features

Sleep Tracking

Eating the right foods and getting in consistent workouts are very important if your goal is the maintain a fit lifestyle.  But getting the right amount of sleep is very important, too, and many of us may not realize that we aren’t getting nearly as much as we should.  The Fitbit Charge can help with this by allowing you to easily track your sleep.  Unlike the Flex, the Charge actually does this automatically.  So there is no need to remember to tap it a few times before you go to sleep which, for Flex, puts it into sleep mode (or actually going into the app to do the same).  One less thing to remember is always nice! 🙂

Syncs with other fitness apps 

I swear by MyFitnessPal.  It has been awesome in helping me to track the calories and nutrition I’m getting daily as well as the workouts I’m doing.  But one of the biggest issues I would constantly


The calories tracked in the Fitbit app sync to calories tracked in MyFitnessPal after necessary set-up.

run into with MyFitnessPal was being able to find via the app’s search all of the workouts I’ve completed.  Some of them the app simply doesn’t have so I would have to sometimes search elsewhere for information such as calories burned.  But with Fitbit Charge, I was able to easily sync it to MyFitnessPal, which allowed for me to track my total calories burned daily (not just from my workouts but from everything).  So I no longer had to look up all of my workouts to enter them in.  But this feature is also available on my Fitbit Flex so not a huge difference here for me.

Worked well with my Android phone

The Fitbit Charge is compatible with the iPhone, Windows phone, and Android.  It worked well with my Android phone and I had nofitbit charge review

issues syncing the device to the Fitbit app on my phone.  I also liked that I was able to have the Charge and Flex on their at the same time and switch back and forth between the two for tracking purposes.


Unlike the Flex I have, the Charge features a clock.  It also allows you to change how you want the clock displayed.  While this was a cool feature to have I did not find it very beneficial since I often use fitbit charge reviewthe clock on my phone instead.  I guess having one available to use on the Fitbit Charge makes it more like a watch.  But I’m not too big on watches so this wasn’t really something I’d look for in a wearable fitness tracker.


Comfortable band to wear with no skin issues
Well…at least I did not have any nor have I heard of anyone experiencing this with the Charge as many did with the Force.  The Fitbit Charge is actually a fairly comfortable wear that I rarely had to adjust.  And it never fell off my arm as my Fitbit Flex has done once.  I think this is attributed to the wider and seemingly more study band that the Charge has to offer.


Easy to charge and has long battery life 

Ok I must admit that when I first removed the Fitbit Charge from the package it took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to charge it.  But I think this is because it is a bit different than how I fitbit charge reviewcharge my Fitbit Flex.  Unlike the Flex that requires removal of the tracker piece and then placement into the charger, the Charge has a small opening where the charger can connect to it….similar to how you would plug up your phone for charging.  Also, I can remember going 2-3 days and I think sometimes even a bit longer without the need to charge it…very handy 🙂

Overall, I think the Fitbit Charge is a very cool fitness tracking device and I enjoyed many of its features.  Besides the look of it, I really liked this device.  It is about $20-$30 more than what I paid for my Fitbit Flex.  But with additional features such as the clock, easier sleep tracking, and wider band I can see why paying a little more for this device may be well worth the money to some.  For me, I’m going to stick with my slimmer Fitbit Flex for now.  But if I was going purchase one of the Fitbit devices for my husband and had to choose between these two you better believe it would be the Charge hands down 🙂

Thanks to Verizon for the opportunity to try out this device!

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