Cool Places In and Around North St. Louis County, MO

North St. Louis CountyNorth St. Louis County is where I have lived for the past several years.   A large area of St. Louis’ metropolitan area, north county is home to over 375,000 residents based on the last census count done in 2010.  It is a flourishing area with a variety of restaurants and shops for its diverse population of residents to enjoy.  But lately with all the news coverage of Ferguson, Mo, which is also part of North St. Louis County, I think people who do not actually live here think it is a war zone, full of thugs, and just an overall depressing place to live.  Well I’m here to tell you that is absolutely not true.  While North St. Louis County has some issues just as almost any other community does, I would say that the pros definitely outweigh the cons and I enjoy living here.  So I have decided to highlight some cool places here that I thought people may want to check out if they currently live here, nearby, or plan to visit the St. Louis area soon. 

Places to be highlighted will include sports bars, restaurants, and stores to shop to name a few.  I’ll also include information on some really cool places near North St. Louis County such as Grafton in Illinois where they have several wineries, nice restaurants, and lots of great scenery for those who enjoy the outdoors.  So stay tuned!



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