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Blog conference checklistI have officially attended my first blog conference, the Type A Parent conference held in Atlanta, and it was a blast!  It was a weekend full of networking with bloggers and brands from all over as well as learning about ways to lead a successful and profitable blog.  Blogging is a serious but fun business for many.  Kicking off with a pre-mixer event for bloggers to meet and greet, the Type A Parent conference was set to be a weekend full of learning, sharing, networking, and having fun.  I really enjoyed being able to talk face to face with “veteran” bloggers who have been in the game for a while and have successfully monetized their blogs.  Also, it was great to get helpful information and advice in the various sessions held throughout the conference.  These were all wins for me and made attending the conference very much worthwhile.  But as a “rookie” blogger attending my first blogger conference it should be no surprise that I made some mistakes.  There were a few important items I did not get prior to the conference such as business cards (yes…ashamed to say).  Here’s a list of items that should be taken to a blogger’s conference.

Tablet or mini laptop 
Who has time to write down everything?  Tablets and mini laptops come in handy for capturing important information disseminated during sessions. 

Hotspot device 
Hotspot devices allow you to access the internet on your mobile devices such as tablets.  The device works as long as there can be a mobile network connection made i.e. 4g.  Although most hotels offer WIFI that is easily accessible it may or may not require a fee and may not work for you in all areas of the hotel.  Also, the hotspot device allows internet connection while on the go….something that can be vital to successful blogging.

Portable charger and charger cord
Since you will probably be on your mobile devices a lot then having something to recharge them should be a no brainer.  And since you will likely be moving from room to room having a portable charger is even better.

Carry Bag, backpack, etc.
You need somewhere to store items such as mobile devices, sweaters/jackets, and business cards.  A small bag or backpack definitely helps.  

Sweater, jacket or blazer

You can’t predict whether the conference rooms will feel pleasant or like an icebox so why chance it?  Take a nice little sweater that is easy to store in your bag or wear a blazer that you can dress up or down.

Comfortable shoes
Depending on the type of conference you’re attending you may have to dress up or down.  At Type A, I wore t-shirts, casual button ups, jeans, and my wedge tennis shoes the entire time.  It was great not having to walk around in heels and skirts all day.  But if you do have to dress up be sure to keep a pair of comfy shoes in your bag.

Business cards
Ok so this was a rookie mistake I made….not getting my business cards created prior to the conference!  This is essential since you’ll want to exchange cards with others for networking.  I had to end up finding a FedEx store near the hotel and making them there.  Not cool but lesson learned.

Pen, paper, etc.
Although the conference will likely provide this you shouldn’t count on it.  So it’s a good idea to have your own just in case.

Gum or candy
In between meals, having gum or candy can help ward off dry mouth and bad breath.

I hope this checklist helps.  I would also recommend creating your own checklist or finding one to use (such as this one) and printing it out so you can check off items as you prepare for the conference.  I would also recommend setting yourself a deadline to have all items included on your checklist so you can be ready to hit the ground running at the conference instead of scrambling to get items at the last minute.  Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a conference vet!

Any items you think should be included in this list that I missed?  Please be sure to share them in the comments!

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