Attending My First Blogger’s Conference – Type-A Parent Conference 2014!!


So as many of you know I am fairly new to blogging only starting earlier this year.  I chose to start blogging for a few reasons.  The first is my passion for tech and health/fitness topics and my desire to share my personal experiences as well as other interesting information I find on these topics.  Also, I have always loved to write and blogging seemed to be a way I could write on topics I’m most interested in instead of what I may just have to do for my day job (which can be less interesting).  Last but certainly not least, I wanted to be able to impact people’s thoughts on the topics I write on.  If I can enlighten someone on how to track their kids’ whereabouts via wearable technology, make vegan burgers, and just how to live a fun lifestyle on a budget then that makes me feel great and it is very fulfilling.  Blogging has allowed me to be fulfilled in a way that I was no longer feeling from my day job at the time. There’s no turning back for me now and I know that the best is yet to come for me in the world of blogging.  As I’ve thought of different ideas to grow my brand I started researching various ways to do this such as networking, hosting events, and writing for other blogs.  During my research, I ran across the idea of attending blog conferences as a way to network with other bloggers.  I then started looking for the top blog conferences to attend and, thus, I found the Type-A Parent Conference.  Once I read up on this conference and saw that it was being held this year in one of my fave cities (Atlanta, Georgia!) I just knew I had to find a way to attend.  So I am SOOOO EXCITED that I’ve been selected as an OFFICIAL PARTNER of the Type-A Parent Conference being held in mid-September.  YAAAY!

Type-A Parent Conference, the world’s largest conference and top network for mom and dad bloggers, is being held this year in Atlanta, GA fromtype a speaker September 19-21 at the fabulous Grand Hyatt in Buckhead.  Attending the conference is an opportunity to network with bloggers ranging from newbies such as myself to those who are blogging vets and have been doing it for some years.  Bloggers also get the opportunity to network with companies and some of the most respected and knowledgeable in the world of social media, both of which can elevate any blogger to new levels of success and help with growing one’s brand.  Additionally, the conference will host various sessions that will provide attendees with an abundance of interesting information on successful blogging as well as FUN networking opportunities.  Oh…you thought this is just another conference full of informational sessions and a sub par luncheon?  NOT!!  The Type-A Parent Conference, in addition to those interesting informational sessions, will also host fun networking events for attendees such as the VIP reception (which is already sold out!), pre-conference mixer for attendees to do some early networking, a tasting and sharing party for foodie sampling and picture taking on the rooftop followed by an after-party, and finally a closing party following various brand dinners to be held Sunday evening.  You know how the saying goes….WORK HARD, PLAY HARD….or in this case, BLOG HARD, PLAY HARD!

I am SOOO looking forward to attending the Type-A Parent Conference to network with other bloggers and companies as an official partner of this event.  If you are a blogger or considering diving into the world of blogging and interested in attending this conference please click here to obtain your pass.  Also, be sure to use the code BLOGPARTNER to save 25% off your pass for 24 HOURS ONLY.  Come join in the fun!  type a bloggers

Stay tuned for lots of pics and a post on my experience attending the annual Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta, GA….SO EXCITED!!!


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