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Ladies, do you find it hard to stay motivated to keep up with consistent workouts? Many of us have tried numerous workouts that we just weren’t able to stick with and as a result we end up piling back on the pounds we lost (or worse even more than we lost!). With daily responsibilities such as working, taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, and actually just relaxing (if you get time to do it), how does one find the time or stay motivated to fit in a good workout? Well, maybe you should stop focusing on finding the time to work out and instead look for a workout that will keep you motivated enough to MAKE THE TIME. Let’s be real….when you enjoy doing something you will make time to do it. It is human nature. So instead of those dreaded 30 minute to an hour cardio workouts that make you feel like you’re about to pass out any second or trying to run when running is just not your forte, try something different and fun. How about trying a workout that makes you feel like Beyonce in action or something that you can show off to your significant other that makes you look and feel hot? K.I.S.S. Fitness Cafe and Spa can help you out then!PhotoGrid_1396930051591

My Experience
I recently took the Sexy Sculpt class at K.I.S.S. Fitness Cafe and Spa, which offers a unique alternative to typical workouts you may do at the gym or home. I found the class to be fun and full of women who were not only there to get in better shape but also to motivate each other in doing so. I really enjoyed the sense of community and encouragement and definitely look forward to taking more classes there as well as attending their upcoming ladies night that will feature lessons in video vixen and pole dancing (can’t wait!). From my experience, I can honestly say that K.I.S.S. is dedicated to making workouts more of a fun experience that you WANT TO DO instead of feeling like you HAVE TO DO.

The Start and Growth of K.I.S.S.
Kem and Orlando Smith, the power couple who created K.I.S.S., wanted to do something to fight against health ailments that plagued many people due to bad eating habits and lack of exercise. The death of Kem’s mother, who fought against obesity, was who inspired her to make a difference and create a unique exercise experience that could be fun and allow people to lead healthier lives. Kem got her first license in Zumba and now has several other exercise training licenses including pole dancing (yep, there is a license for that!). She is well-experienced in personal fitness training and started out teaching classes on her own. But it wasn’t too long before others joined her in teaching classes creating a community where people can come have fun while working out and motivating each other to “stick with it”.

K.I.S.S. Classes and other Offerings
K.I.S.S. now offers a range of classes such as Video Vixen, Sexy Sculpt, and of course Pole Dancing. These and other classes they offer will teach you some new, sensual moves that I’m sure you are going to want to show off. Who doesn’t want to feel sexy and desirable while burning fat and calories…it’s a win win! In addition to offering classes, K.I.S.S. also offer their facility for private “ladies night out” parties and other events. Additionally, they host their own parties such as the upcoming K.I.S.S. After Dark Ladies Night Out Video Vixen and Pole Dance party they have scheduled for April 12th (if you can’t make this one there will definitely be more events like this in the future!). For some extra nutrition, the studio features a smoothie bar where you can choose from a menu of refreshing, energy-boosting drinks that are blended with real fruits and available with custom add-ins such as protein and fiber.

K.I.S.S. offers a variety of nutritious smoothies made from real fruit

K.I.S.S. offers a variety of nutritious smoothies made from real fruit

Join Today!
So, are you ready to “lose the excuses” and join many others on the path to leading healthier lives? Do you want a unique workout experience that will keep you motivated and have you feeling sexier than ever? Well stop putting it off and START TODAY! If you are in the St. Louis area then I encourage you to check out K.I.S.S. Fitness Cafe and Spa. You WILL NOT be disappointed but you WILL BE more motivated to keep up with consistent workouts. During the month of April they are offering a membership sale so now is definitely a great time to get started. Join the workout party and check them out today!

NOTE: A Social Tech Diva is planning a fun ladies night out party in May and I would love for you all to join me! Come learn some sexy, new moves in a video vixen dance session. Or you can try out your skills on the pole during the pole dancing session. To top it off, there will be champagne flowing as well as an appetizer and dessert for us all to enjoy. So stay tuned for more details and your chance to get $10 off your admission to the party!
For a full list of classes offered along with descriptions and schedules, please visit the K.I.S.S. website at http://www.kissfitnessstudio.com.

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