7 Hotel Tips for the Traveling Fitness Freak

I recently took a week-long vacay with my family during my kids’ spring break.  Great times with fun outings and, of course, great eats!  But that’s what gets many of us during vacay….the eating!  Many times (and I’ve certainly done this a number of times) we travel and care less about what we are eating.  Who really wants to count calories between beach visits?? (unless you’re really trying to keep from looking bloated in that two-piece)  And besides the eating it can also be tough to stick to your normal workout routine.  During vacay, you’re likely to hang out more and get less sleep and that can cut into your motivation to get up and work out….I can definitely relate.  But there are a few ways you can take advantage of hotel accommodations to help you stick with your fitness goals.  Check out these 7 tips below that worked for me during my recent trip:

  1. Choose a hotel with a fitness center: This is a requirement for me.  I took FULL advantage of the hotel’s fitness center only missing out on going one day during our 6-day stay.  I even took my laptop down with me a couple of times to do some of my fave YouTube workouts.
  2. Take stairs instead of elevator at the hotel: Straight forward, ’nuff said.  Get those steps in!
  3. Skip the creamy coffee or sugary tea: Typically these drinks are readily available to you in the hotel room but are just unnecessary calories.  Opt instead for straight coffee or tea, which are included in my next tip
  4. Choose a hotel that offers free breakfast: The hotel we stayed at offered a bit more than the typical continental breakfast and this is also something I look for.  I was able to eat oatmeal, yogurt parfait, and eggs (for protein since I don’t eat bacon or sausage) with a cup of unsweetened, lemon green tea daily.  Saved money and calories!
  5. Walk to nearby restaurants and shops IF within a safe walking distance: Just another great way to get some extra steps in.
  6. Keep bottled water in your room: Keeping bottled waters around can help deter you from going to the soda machine when you get thirsty and also is readily available for you to grab and take with you during your trip outings.  Again, saves money and calories!
  7. Use an air fryer to cook in hotel room: Last but not least and my FAVE…I bought one of these during our trip and it was SO WORTH IT!  The air fryer is awesome and allowed us to cook foods that would normally require an oven in our hotel room.  It is also great for reducing calories (since no cooking oil is required) and definitely saved us money from eating out daily!  Blog post coming on this soon!

During this last trip I actually did quite well…came back weighing the same as I did before I went on the trip.  Not saying that I ate salads and drank water at every meal but I did try be mindful of what I ate.  And when I did go a bit overboard, I made sure I got in at least a decent workout afterwards even if that meant just surpassing my step goal for the day (which is 10k steps).

Vacay doesn’t have to equate to weight gain.  Hope using these tips can help you as much as they helped me!

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