6 Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Valentine-less

Every year, I hear people complain about Valentines Day & how much they hate or dread it.  But just because you don’t have a boo to share this day with doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.  Based on my experience as someone who knows how it is to not have that special someone to share this day with I’ve come up with a few ideas to share.  Since it seems like women are typically the ones who dread V-Day I’m targeting these ideas toward the ladies.  Please read on and hopefully you can find something you like! 🙂

Spa day

Don’t go for your typical 1 hr massage or mani/pedi. Go all out & spend longer than usual at the spa. Get the mani/pedi, hr massage, facial, body wrap…all that…with chocolates & wine even if you have

foot spa day

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to bring your own. And try to go in the late afternoon or early evening. By the time you leave out you’ll be feeling like a million bucks & Valentines Day will almost be over.


Single people party bus 

Party bus

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Celebrate being single & loving yourself….& get some friends who share the same relationship status to join you for a day and/or night or partying on a party bus…or if you’re really feeling fancy a party limo!  The “adult beverages”, foods/snacks, & cool ppl you’ll be surrounded by will have you enjoying the “day of love” more than those who are in love (or supposedly).

Dinner date with your friends

Maybe you waited too late to reserve a party bus.  But you can still plan a dinner date with your girls.  Be adventurous & choose dinner datea restaurant you typically don’t go to. Order your fave drinks & foods & just enjoy each other’s company.  You can even have a Valentines Day gift exchange where gifts are given at the dinner…which brings me to my next idea…

Pot luck gift exchange

If you don’t feel like going out to a restaurant then host a potluck & invite your friends over to enjoy food, drinks and a gift exchange.  potluck gift exchangeIt’s something different to do that also keeps from seeing all the lovey dovey couples who will be out at the restaurants & elsewhere.  And everyone will end up with a nice little gift to take home.

Take a short trip somewhere

Since Valentines Day falls on a Sat this year this is the perfect opportunity to take a trip that day. Maybe you can go visit a friend roadtripor relative. Just go somewhere fun that will help keep you occupied instead of sitting at home stuffing your face with chocolates & drinking yourself to sleep (now doesn’t that sound pathetic?).

Try meditation/yoga


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Take your body & mind to a higher level of pleasure that doesn’t require another person. If done correctly you’ll find yourself feeling very relaxed & at peace by the end of it.


I hope these ideas are helpful to you.  Feel free to also share this with someone you think could use this info.  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day…it’ll be over before you know it! 🙂

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