5 Reasons You Should Let Your Kid Blog

I recently hit my one year anniversary as a blogger.  So I’m still very much a newcomer 🙂  As I have done more research on blogging I have found that not only many adults find success and fulfillment with it but kids, too. Since I was looking for something else to get my daughter into other than watching TV shows and playing games on her tablet I decided to tell her about blogging. Thankfully, she took a great deal of interest in it 🙂  I think blogging can be great for kids to do.  It not only gives them something productive to do but it can also benefit them in ways such as helping to improve their writing skills.  Now my daughter has grown to love blogging so much that she looks forward to coming home from school everyday and writing a new post or making updates to her site!  She also constantly asks me for blogging lessons so she can learn more 🙂  Below are a few reasons why I allowed my kid to blog and think you should consider allowing yours to blog, too.

Blogging can help improve writing skills:  This was a top reason for me to let my daughter start blogging.  While she was already a pretty good writer in school I was still trying to find fun ways to keep her writing at home as I feel this is something that’s important for success.  I knew that blogging would allow her to do this via writing posts on topics that she enjoyed talking about.  As a result, as she has written more posts she has also improved on her writing skills and has become better at proofreading to catch grammatical errors as needed.

Blogging allows kids to express and share their thoughts:  Sometimes kids like to write out their thoughts…think of a journal or diary.  Blogging allows kids to write on topics that interest them and share their thoughts on these topics with those who read their posts.  My daughter gets so happy when she logs onto WordPress and sees how many people read and liked her blog post.  She thinks it is really cool that people actually take out the time to read her thoughts and seem to enjoy reading them.  This also gives her the motivation she needs to keep writing.

Blogging gives kids something productive to do:  My daughter is really into things like playing games on her tablet, looking at age-appropriate stuff online, and watching girly shows on TV.  All this, with moderation, is OK but I think these are more of leisure activities for her….not really anything productive.  With blogging, while she finds it fun she is also improving her writing and communication skills.  She’s also getting better at proofreading so that what she writes is well understood by her audience.  Blogging also helps her creativity by requiring her to come up with topics to write about.  These are all essential skills to have throughout school and even during one’s career.  Can’t go wrong with mixing productivity with fun!

Blogging can help to improve technical/computer skills:  While managing a blog these days can be fairly easy for those with little to no technical experience, there are still opportunities to learn new or build on existing computer skills.  Since my daughter has started blogging she has learned to do tasks on her own such as finding pictures and uploading them to her site as well as modifying the background and colors on her pages.  I’m also going to give her a little lesson on HTML code.  I’ve read about other kids who were more tech-savvy and able to manage more on their backend of their sites.  I think this is a great way to give kids a head-start in obtaining at least some technical/computer skills that can help them in their future careers…not to mention that depending how far they go with it these skills can land them in very lucrative IT careers.

Blogging can help kids make money!: Ok so my daughter hasn’t reached this point yet (I’m still working on it myself) but I have read about kids who were able to start making money from their blogs. This could come from ads or even writing for companies who market their products to kids.  Not only is making money from blogging great for kids who are able to do so but it can also teach them discipline they will need on a real job.  Continuing to put out quality work will likely help continue the income earnings from the blog.

These are just a few of the reasons I think parents should at least consider letting their kids blog.  While blogging can be done just for fun it can also give kids that chance to obtain essential skills that they can use throughout life.  And you certainly can’t go wrong helping your kid with that 🙂

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