5 Cool Things to Do When You’re Stuck in the House on a Snow/Ice Day

Having a case of the winter blues? Well, you’re not alone. I think after the rough, EPIC winter STL and much of the country has had we are all more than ready to kiss the snow and ice goodbye in exchange for consistently warmer, sunny days. No worries…those days will be here soon enough. But until then, here are a few ideas of things to do when the weather is not-so-pleasant and staying in the house is a better option:

winter blues
Plan a party – Get out of the funk of being stuck indoors due to bad weather and change that energy into fun thoughts of planning a party instead! First, come up with a theme for your party. How about a Girls Night In with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, a variety of horderves and a pole dancing session? Or maybe a cards night for the fellas with cigars and beers? Maybe you have kids and want to plan a themed slumber party for them. Planning a party is usually fun and allows for creativity. There are so many ideas you can find on the Internet. But planning a party also requires time. So what better way to find time to plan a party than when you’re stuck indoors anyway?
Have a personal paint party – Have some extra paint laying around your house that you’ve been planning to use but just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Well, maybe you have a room that needs a little color or an unfinished project. Get your fave CDs out or set up your fave music streaming service, turn up your speakers, perhaps grab yourself a glass of wine or cold beer, and get to painting! You will be pleased at how productive you were during your day indoors.
Create a vision board – All of us have things in life we’d like to pursue or accomplish. Maybe there’s a country you’d love to visit. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about taking the big step of starting your own business but just haven’t been able to build up the courage to actually do it. Or maybe there’s a car you’ve been having your eyes on and would love to buy one day. A vision board is a collection of clippings/pictures representing things you’d like to obtain in life. It is recommended that you place your vision board somewhere that you’d see it everyday as a constant reminder of those things you want and believe that someday you’ll get as long as you think it into fruition. So change those thoughts of the things you want in life into something you can visualize…the results can be life-changing!
Create a budget – Creating and maintaining a budget is something that many of us know we need to do but just never seem to get around to it (me included). Create a list of monthly expenses you have along with categories of miscellaneous expenses such as going out or shopping. Do the calculations to see what the numbers add up to compared against your income. Is this enough savings for you? If not then maintaining a budget is probably much needed for you. If you want to really get fancy with it put the information into a spreadsheet that will make it easier to track your income and spending. Maybe the next time there is a bad weather forecast you’ll have enough money for a quick getaway to a place where the weather conditions are much more favorable 🙂
Make it a movie day in – Services such as Netflix and on-demand allow us a vast number of choices of movies and TV programs to select from. And of course, if you’re stuck indoors due to bad weather then you have a lot of time to just lounge around the house. So cook yourself a good meal or grab some snacks, get some wine or hot cocoa along with a nice blanket, and make it a movie day/night in. Take advantage of the movie services we have available to us today!

HOPEFULLY, you can find at least one of these ideas helpful or maybe this list helped you come up with some ideas of your own. Being depressed because of the weather isn’t good for the mind.  Just know that winter won’t last forever…those consistently warm and sunny days are sure to be here before we know it!

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