4 Tips To Keep You On Track with Your Fitness Journey During Vacay

Hollywood Beach, FL

Beautiful ocean waters in at Hollywood Beach in FL.

I recently came back from an AWESOME trip in sunny south Florida as part of my birthday celebration and to attend the Wearable Tech conference in Fort Lauderdale.  Spending a few days near the beach in nice weather (in January!) was just what I needed.  One of my fave things to do while I’m on vacay (and I’m sure many others enjoy doing the same) is trying out different spots to eat at.  So I was definitely looking forward to getting some good seafood during this trip!  But oftentimes eating out during vacay also causes us to gain unwanted inches and pounds.  From my experience, this is typically because I may drink a bit more alcohol than usual and I’m eating more foods that may not be as “clean” as what I typically eat.  So these foods may contain higher levels of fat and sodium, for example.  I may also exercise less than I typically do when at home.  But I’m happy to say that with this recent trip I gained ZERO pounds!  How did I do it you ask?  Well there are a few things I did differently on this trip to see if they would work…and obviously they did!  Read on to check out my tips on how to avoid unwanted weight gain while traveling. 

1) WALK: I was fortunate enough to find a room for a great rate only a short walk away from the Hollywood Beach boardwalk.   I walked back and forth on the boardwalk a couple of times a day

Hollywood boardwalk

Hollywood Beach boardwalk is great for getting your daily steps in!

during my stay.  Sometimes I also walked in the sand, which can be a bit more challenging but also more of a calorie-burner.  So my daily walks on the boardwalk and beach really helped me.

2) Be mindful of your eating: I stayed away from bad foods as much as possible such as those high in bad fats and sodium.  But when I did indulge in these foods I watched my portions.

falafel patties

I LOVE falafel…& I couldn’t resist these at $1.25 per patty!

Drinking a cup of water and/or eating a small salad prior to the meal also really helped.  If you can get a room where you can cook your own food as I had this is even better.  Although I ate out most times it was still nice to be able to prepare vegetable stir-fry in my room for a healthy lunch or dinner.

3) Be mindful of your drinking: I didn’t overdo it with the “adult beverages”, which can be full of empty calories and sugar.  Most who know me know I LOVE wine.  So I typically only drank it with a meal or snack then followed it up with plenty of water for the

Pic courtesy of thetruthaboutbartending.com

Pic courtesy of thetruthaboutbartending.com

rest of the day or night.  If you’re not much of a wine drinker and prefer other drinks such as those that are mixed then I suggest drinking something simple like club soda with vodka and wine.  This way you know exactly what’s in your drink and it’s not overloaded with sugar as it would be if mixed with several liquors and/or juices.

4) Carry snacks and bottled water to hold you between meals: I kept snacks and bottled water with me when I went places.  Ideal

Fit & Active protein bars

snacks I kept on-hand included almonds, sunflower seeds, and protein bars.  Try to look for snacks such as these that can hold you over until your next meal while also providing nutritious benefits such as fiber, protein, and essential vitamins.

 Vacations can be super fun and we all need one from time to time.  But don’t let taking one throw you completely off of your fitness journey by going up a pants size because of all the bad eating and drinking you did!  Following these tips should definitely help keep you on track without requiring you to completely deprive yourself of the foods and drinks you enjoy…it definitely helps me!


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