All You Need To Know About Gel Nail Polish

After the Covid19 pandemic, individuals have begun considering how to beautify the hand without many expatriates. Manufacturers releasing different products of various sizes and shapes always ensure that each product contains end-users instructions to be used at their homes’ comfort.

Most people would ask themselves this question, why does my nail chip after a few days? The simple answer is the type of formula gel nail polish used to beautify the nail. With an effective gel nail, the process is quicker, effective, and more beautiful.

What is OPI Gel Nail?

In defining OPI gel color, We should note that this is a branded artificial nail; they are nail accessories or extensions whose principal purpose is to beautify the fingernail hand. Like every other product, this brand also requires frequent cleaning and could last up to a month if adequately monitored.

They are of various designs, colors, sizes, and textures and could hold another manicure type. OPI gel is used in multiple salons worldwide and proven to be effective because they are easy to use at home with little or no directives.

They are usually hardened with ultraviolet Light and could last longer than regular nail polish without chipping. Generally, all gel nails are firm but not as fiberglass or acrylic nails.

To remove OPI gel nails is very easy. Just by soaking in acetone for up to 15-20 minutes, it would dissolve without causing any harm to the natural nail.

Is UV Light Required In Fixing OPI Gel Color Nail?

The straightforward answer to this question is Yes, without a UV or LED Light, the OPI gel nail used is a fake product. The UV/LED light requirement is only for curing; a simple way of knowing a deceptively marketed product is to notice if it requires Light in its process.

The UV light lamp helps to accelerate the curing process within a short period; this is one reason why gel nail bottles are usually opaque to prevent light or sun rays from entering them.

Is There Any Difference Between OPI gel and Shellac?

Both OPI gel and Shellac are the same; the only difference is Shellac is another branded product while OPI contains both gel and nail polish. Both are less harmful, easy to use, gentle on the skin, and practical, unlike traditional acrylics.

Importance Of OPI Gel Nails

  • They are less expensive and lovely to users.
  • They are readily accessible in almost every store or salon close to your vicinity.
  • They are of different brands, shapes, textures, and sizes, so you can easily pick whichever product you desire.
  • They are quick to remove with no effect on the host skin.
  • They are straightforward to use with little to no supervision, and they can be used at home by anyone who desires.
  • They contain essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

How To Apply Or Remove OPI Gel Color

The process listed below is the simple steps you can apply and remove OPI Gel Polish at home:

  • Prepare the nail by applying  Base Coat for thirty seconds to help clean the nail. Before usage, ensure to shake the bottle of the base coat.
  • You can then apply two coats of OPI gel color and the nail for thirty seconds after the initial cleaning.
  • Ensure to shake the bottle of ProHealth Top Coat to wipe the face of where the OPI gel color is applied to help clean off the inhibition layer.
  • Alas! You have successfully applied your gel nail color. In the removal process, follow the remaining procedures.
  •  First, clean the intent nail with a wrap containing OPI Expert Touch remover and allow to soak for seven minutes.
  • Then softly pull the OPI gel color off the nail.
  • Finally, wipe the nail with OPI Expert Touch Remover to help remove any traces of excess OPI gel nail.

Why won’t my gel nail polish dry after minutes under the UV light?

As earlier stated, OPI gel nail requires UV or LED Light, but in situations where the nail does not dry after minutes of application, then there are possibly two reasons for these.

The product has been too thick on the nail. If this occurs, it would require more time to dry or harden.

Another reason might be, lack of applying base coat or topcoat. As explained in the application process above, end-users require both base and topcoat when using OPI gel nails.


From the simple removal and usage of OPI nail polish set or nail, you can observe that these procedures take less than 20 minutes. Just at your room’s comfort, you can do this yourself without requiring any expatriate; this is why OPI gel nail and OPI gel color are effective worldwide.

Aside from pocket-friendly price, marketable, and attractiveness, its usefulness in the beautification market has no match; you can contact us today to get your desired OPI gel product.