DND Gel Nail Polish – An Out-of-the-world Experience

Women and nail polish are inseparable. Almost every woman in the world would love to have the most beautiful nails. Nail polish helps women achieve this ambition. When it comes to nail polish, gel nail polish is one of the most preferred ones. Though dip powder is gaining in popularity, gel polish retains its hold over the industry.

Applying gel polish is a professional job. One should go to a nail salon and get a thorough job done to the best of their satisfaction. However, one can also learn the tricks of doing it at home. This blog will discuss the gel polish application procedure in detail.

DIY Gel Polish Application – The Procedure

Before we discuss the procedure, one should ensure to use high-quality products like DND gel nail polish to ensure a perfect job. Contact us for delivering the best DND nail supplies at the most affordable rates.

  • Clean your nails thoroughly.

The gel polish can last for two to three weeks. Hence, one should ensure proper application. The first task is to clean the nails thoroughly and keep it dry. File the edges and buff it to remove the debris. A lint-free cloth dipped in 91% alcohol can serve as the perfect cleanser.

  • Shake the gel polish bottle.

Gel polish is different from other nail manicures. The gel polish formula needs to be shaken before use, as it can settle down at the bottom of the bottle. Shaking the bottle vigorously ensures that the constituents mix well and hence provides a uniform application.

  • Apply some lotion around the cuticles.

While applying gel polish, it can spill over to your cuticles accidentally. Removing the excess polish can take some doing. Using lotion over the cuticles enables you to remove the spill-over easily.

  • Use short strokes and be careful when applying gel polish.

One should take care not to apply gel polish anywhere else other than the nails. Using short strokes, especially when applying near the cuticles or the nails’ edges, helps to get delicate and even lines. Otherwise, you might end up with a smudgy job.

  • Thin layers ensure consistency.

Thick layers of gel polish can look ugly and take more time to dry. It can result in unsightly smudges, especially if you happen to wipe it away accidentally. Therefore, one should apply gel polish in thin layers. DND nail polish looks great when used in thin layers.

  • Cap the free edges.

Gel polish tends to drip down the edges and spoil the nail’s appearance. Hence, it is necessary to cap the free edges of the nails. This procedure prevents the polish from lifting off the nail, thereby resulting in a long-lasting nail manicure.

  • Remove any excess gel polish before the curing process.

Gel polish can get hard when appropriately cured. If you accidentally spill gel polish on your skin and it gets cured, it will harden and take much effort to remove. Therefore, one should ensure to remove the excess polish before curing. One can use a small brush dipped in acetone solution for removing the excess polish.

  • Use the ideal lamp to cure the gel polish.

Different types of UV lamps are available for curing gel polish. Some lamps allow you to place four fingers in it, whereas some can accommodate five fingers. One should not try to fit more fingers than what the lamp allows. It will not do a good job. The trick to use a 4-finger lamp is to cure each hand’s four fingers separately, followed by both the thumbs together.

  • The topcoat is crucial.

The topcoat is crucial as it protects the nail color and maintains its shine. You should ensure to apply the topcoat and cover the color completely. However, it would help if you avoided the nail edges and cuticles. The absence of the topcoat can make the nail color look matte. It could get worn off through wear and tear.

  • Hydration is essential for the overall strength of the nail.

Gel polish can last long. People who complain of damage from using gel polish, either do not follow the right procedure for application and removal or keep the nail hydrated. Hydrating the nails ensure to maintain its health. It would help if you had healthy nails to look beautiful.


These ten tips should help anyone do the gel polish nail job at home. However, it is good to visit the nail salon because you can have a professional deal with your nail manicure. If you decide to perform the job at home, you must ensure to use quality products. This polish is available in an extensive range of colors to make your nails look as beautiful as they deserve to be.

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