DND Gel Polish: Preference for Dazzling Manicure in 2020

Daisy Nail Designs (DND) Gel Nail polish range has changed the definition of nail paints in recent years. Nail paints are heavy on nails and get brittle after 4-5 days resulting in breaking off from the nail. DND nail gel polish, on the other hand, is exceptionally light, retains the glossy feel, and also lasts for 21 days.

Moreover, DND nail gel polish and lacquer are available in so many shades, and most of them unique that you would not get in the ordinary nail polish. DND comes in more than 235 colors ranging from quirky bright to warm neutral, some glitter as well as some metallic finish.

Choosing The DND Gel Polish

You can wear any color nail paint you want, but few would suit more than the others. So, these tips would guide you to select those few.

Skin Tone – Different DND nail gel polish are available for different skin tones, and you can select the one which suits you. Do remember that the gel paints are different from the regular nail polish as they are shinier.

Buy The Basic Ones – One of the easiest ways to hop on to a new product is to ensure that you start with the basics. If you like the glossy look and love the fact that it gets retained for 21 days, then go on any buy more colors.


If a super glossy look and lightweight are not enough to change your mind to switch from a standard nail paint to the DND gel paint, then here are few more advantages that make DND gel nail polish superior to the others in the market.

  • Vast variety of colors
  • Lightweight (Thin)
  • Affordable
  • Long-Lasting (21 days)
  • Amalgamated with essential vitamins making the nails durable, healthier and dazzling for weeks


  • Removal Process Is Time Taking

Step Guide To Use DND Gel Polish

Step 1 – Before you start with the nail gel polish procedure, make sure to buff your nails with 180/240 buffer. This would ensure that the nails would be just the right amount of rough on the surface so that the gel can stick to.

Step 2 – Start with cleaning your nails to take off oil and dirt. Oil and dirt might render it difficult for the paint to stick nicely on the nails.

Step 3 – After that, apply the base coat 500 DND gel color. A gel polish base coat works as a barrier, not letting your nails get stained.

Step 4 – Place your hands under a UV lamp for 2 minutes for curing the paint. If you want to cure under LED lamp, then it would take some 60 seconds for the same process.

Step 5 – Apply the second layer of DND nail polish of your choice and cure under the UV lamp for 1 minute again.

Step 6 – Post the second cure, there would be some stickiness that you can remove with a lint-free nail wipes dipped in a nail cleanser. However, if you are using 600 DND top gel, then this step is not required.

Make sure that top of the nails is sealed after every coat, and you cure the nails under UV lamp after each coat.


It is time for you to say goodbye to the nail paints that result in chipped nails after a couple of days even when they cost a bomb. Include DND nail gel paint in your nail care routine and give that extra shine, long-lasting color, and nourishment to your nails.

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