Will Manually Logging Meals Soon Be A Thing of the Past?

I remember attending a fitness workshop that a local gym held to talk to potential members about the benefits of a fit lifestyle.  They gave a lot of advice on ways to get and stay fit…one of them which included logging meals.  I had tried in the past logging meals using paper then eventually turning to the MyFitnessPal app, which I still use today although not as consistently.  The gym trainers expressed the importance of logging meals and knowing what we’ve put into our bodies for the day.  How many calories are you taking in?  How much fat and carbs?  Are you getting enough protein?  These are the questions they asked us and quite honestly I really had no approximate idea of what the answer was for me.  But once I got into consistently logging my meals it was a real eye-opener because I hadn’t realized that even some of the foods I thought were healthy actually were loaded with calories, bad fats, carbs, and sodium.  Check out my previous post here to see some of these dishes…you  will be surprised.  But it can get quite time-consuming and even cumbersome at times to log EVERYTHING consumed throughout the day….this can be challenging at times even for the self-proclaimed fitness freak like myself.  And as I’ve worked with more clients who I’m coaching and even what I read on social media or elsewhere I can see that I’m far from alone with this.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a device that automatically PicsArt_1447964724833did this?  Imagine no more logging of what you eat and drink to see what your nutritional intake for the day is.  Imagine just going about your day eating and drinking as you normally do but then that night being able to see how many calories you’ve taken in.  Healbe says that their GoBe wristband can do this and that it is the first and, as of now, the only to do it.  But there have also been many critics of the wearable tech gadget.  Some medical professionals have said that it is nearly impossible to automatically calculate calorie intake information in this manner.  Technically, what is it that Healbe has enabled this wristband to do that so many others in the market haven’t yet?  Let’s take a look.

Bioimpedance is a technique that involves passing an undetectable electrical current through the body to measure its resistance to the effect.  This technique is used by wearable tech gadgets such as some models of the Jawbone and special medical equipment.  What GoBe does is use an algorithm to turn the bioimpedance reading into a calorie count essentially replacing the need to manually log what you consume in order to get such a count.  The science and nutrition part of this process involves looking at the flow of water in and out of cells.  As we eat and drink our cells take in glucose and as this happens water goes out of our cells.  With this, it GoBe’s process can determine the glucose curve, which allows for the calculation of carbs.  The fat and protein we consume flattens this glucose curve allowing the software to gather all nutritional elements needed to finally calculate calorie


Healbe’s GoBe wristband


intake.  If that doesn’t sound complicated enough the time it takes the human body to actually digest the food also plays a factor and testers of the wristband have found that it can take a while before being able to see a final calorie intake reading because of this.  But this still appears to be a leap in the right direction and something that can be very valuable for many who look to utilize technology in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I’ll be attending CES 2016 in Las Vegas (can’t wait!) and I’m really hoping to get a look at and even possibly try out this device.  It is certainly one that I’d love to have in my stash of fitness tech gear.  Currently priced at $300, this wristband definitely isn’t cheap and one has to wonder if it is worth paying that much more just to eliminate the need for manually logging what you eat and drink daily.  But I’m definitely keeping my eye on it to see where it goes within the next year or so because it certainly sounds like the game-changer that many have been asking for.

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