What Is Really Going On St. Louis?

I’m veering away a bit from what I typically blog about.  But I’m feeling very numb this morning because I just can’t understand what has been going on in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri for almost the past year or so.  The world now knows about Ferguson because of the death of Michael Brown last August and the understandable anger expressed by the community in the following weeks.  But what started out as peaceful protests (a couple of which I attended) turned into unjustifiable acts of ignorance.  And let me be clear that I’m not talking about from the true protesters…the ones who were out there for the right reasons.  I’m talking about the ones who came out looting, fighting, shooting, and causing chaos at a time when we should be sticking and working together.  You would think that what happened in Ferguson would bring our community closer together…but instead it just seems that things have taken a turn for the worse.  What is really going on in the Lou? 

Since the events of Ferguson, crime in St. Louis (not just the city but also in the county) has risen greatly.  I personally knew two victims who were friends of my husband and I.  They were shot and killed late last year only a few weeks apart.  During that time, there were other murders reported but my hope was that it was just a bad few months for St. Louis and that things would get better.  Well they didn’t.  The number of murders is staggering and up quite a bit from this time last year for St. Louis city and county.  And no one is exempt…men, women, and children are being killed in senseless crimes.  A 9-year old girl was just shot and killed while DOING HER HOMEWORK IN HER FERGUSON HOME….9 years old!!!!  This is outrageous!  I totally understand why we are fighting for justice and against police brutality.  But we also have a SERIOUS problem with crime in our communities that needs to be addressed.  It is really getting out of hand.  Just think about the mental anguish that some of the children living in these communities must be dealing with worrying about their safety and not understanding what is going on around them.  My heart truly breaks for them.  And with the recent killing of this beautiful 9 year old fourth grade girl…I’m just having a difficult time even focusing at work today.  Yes, it is even affecting me mentally….just sad.  It is just ridiculous.

I, like many others, want to jump in and help but just don’t know where or how to start.  I don’t want to necessarily go into the neighborhoods and risk getting shot myself….I have two kids and a husband to think about.  But it’s becoming harder for me to just sit around, complain, and not do much other than try to raise my kids the right way so they don’t grow up committing such crimes.  I feel like there is more I can do…I’m just trying to figure out what so I can start doing it.  Can anyone reading this relate?  If you have any ideas please let me know.  But something has to change.  St. Louis, we must do better than this.




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