Waist Trainers vs. Waist Trimmers: What’s the Difference?!

Waist trainers vs. waist trimmers…what’s the difference?!  They can both help you shape your midsection and waistline through loss of inches.  They both are often worn during workouts and sometimes even under clothes to get a quick slimming effect.  Even I wondered about the difference!  So I did some research and tried both for myself.  With “swimsuit and summer dress” season coming I’m sure there are many ladies looking for easy ways to lose a few inches.  So let me share with you the findings of my research to determine the difference between the two.

Read the differences and YOU DECIDE! Waist Trainers Waist Trimmers
Adjustable/Comfortable? Trainers are not as easy to adjust because many of them have hooks to fasten for closure. Due to the Velcro and elastic band for adjustability trimmers seemed to be more comfortable to wear.
Can be worn under clothes? Yes; most I tried were made of smooth material and were not too bulky to wear under clothing (with the exception of tightly-fitted clothing). Most trimmers I tried were more bulky than trainers due to the Velcro that causes the band to stick out a bit.  So wearing under clothing may be more challenging.
Budget-friendly? Trainers I looked at ranged in price from $20 – $90 and tended to average around $50. Trimmers I researched ranged from $10 – $40 in price with average around $25 so they appear to be more budget-friendly.
Available for most sizes?  Yes; many went well into plus-sized range. Yes; many went well into plus-sized range.

I’m not an expert on waist trainers and trimmers but hopefully the information provided here based on my research and experiences helps you determine which is best for you.  And always be sure to wear one that fits well and does not squeeze you too tightly as this can cause injury.

waist training dangers

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Also, remember that trainers and trimmers should not be used as weight loss solutions but instead for temporary reduction of inches for a quick slim-down.  Instead, choose a good workout and eating regimen to lose weight the healthy way.

NOTE: This blog post is a modified version of a similar one I wrote for the digital magazine, Everything Girls Love, where I am a wellness blogger.  Check me out there sometimes, as well!  I also wrote a version of this for my online boutique’s blog, Curvalicious Fitness Fashion (www.curvaliciousfitnessfashion.com) where I sell these products and more.  Be sure to also check it out!

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