Virtual Fitness Coaching – How I Can Help You On Your Fitness Journey

I love technology.  It allows us to do so much that just wasn’t possible years ago.  It also makes staying fit easier.  Gone are the days when we had to go meet in person with a personal trainer to make sure we were being held accountable for meeting our fitness goals.  With technology such as social media, apps, email, cloud drives, and smartphones we can constantly connect to each other to exchange information on how to stay fit.  It saves time and money to utilize technology for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  This is why I’m adding to my list of titles “virtual fitness coach”.  I do not need to live in your city to help you with your fitness goals…I can help you from afar!  I’m already coaching a few individuals who live in other states and I’m realizing that with the use of technology I’m able to offer them pretty much the same as what I offer local clients…outside of in-person meetings (unless one of us decides to travel).  With that said, here is how I can help you as your coach and services I can offer:

Meal prep/planning ideas

meal prepping, meal planningI’ll give you some ideas on dishes that are ideal for easily preparing in advance and making enough of it to last you a few days


Meal ideas based on what you like to eat

I can show or explain some healthier alternatives that will allow you to still eat the foods you already enjoy eating.  I don’t believe in depriving or starving yourself to lose weight.  But I do believe in helping you to develop healthy habits that will benefit you for life.

Meatless meal ideas

No I’m not trying to turn you into a vegetarian 🙂  But I do want to give you some ideas on tasty dishes you can enjoy that provide the cauliflower crust pizzaprotein you need without the extra fat and calories that may come along with the consumption of meat.  Every now and then, even if it’s just for one meal during the day, it’s not a bad idea to try a meatless dish just to see if it makes a difference for you with staying fit.

Snack ideas

Again, I don’t believe in depriving yourself or just eating fruit for snacks.  I’ll give you some realistic ideas on healthy snacks you can eat while still losing weight.

Shakeology® ideas

I’m a Beachbody® coach and can get you Shakeology® if you are

Shakeology chocolate ice cream

Shakeology® chocolate ice cream

interested in trying it.  I can provide you with some tasty recipes for smoothies and edible snacks you can use it to make.



Workout tips

I’ll give you some tips on creating a workout schedule that fits your leg daylifestyle.  This may involve breaking up your workouts throughout the day or even working your stomach while driving to work!  And for the ladies I can show you how to lose those pounds and inches without losing those curves!

Water ideas

I’ll give some ideas on how to make it easier to get the right amount of water you need daily

How to create a vision board

I’ll talk a little about what a vision board is and how it can help you reach your fitness goals (and even other goals you have in life)

Fitness and health is my new passion and I LOVE helping others get to a healthier, more fit lifestyle.  I also love educating people on the various ways they can use technology to maintain such a lifestyle. Let me help you out if you’re struggling with getting started on your fitness journey.  I can take much of the work off of you such as looking for the right foods to eat, workouts to do, apps to download, etc.  And even if you live across the country I can still help you.  Feel free to contact me if you’re really needing help with getting more fit.

I look forward to working with you and helping you on your fitness journey!

Yours truly,
Coach Keke









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