‘Tis the Season to Get Fit…CFF Boutique Stocking Stuffers!

What are you waiting on….’tis the season to get fit!  A Fitness Tech Diva has been redesigned and I want to celebrate by offering great deals on gear from our online boutique, Curvalicious Fitness Fashion, that will help you whip that body into shape!  Why put it off any longer?  Isn’t your health a priority?  Time to stop the excuses and New Year resolutions you neglect to follow through on year after year.  Besides, the fitness gear offered by A Fitness Tech Diva makes great stocking stuffers :) 


fitness leggingsMy absolute fave product sold by CFF Boutique are the worded fitness leggings.  Available in long or short length, these leggings feature cool, catchy sayings such as ‘Dope’ and ‘Boss Chic’ (more sayings coming soon…be sure to check website!).  These leggings are also durable enough to wear during your most sweaty workouts at the gym and fashionable enough to wear if you want to look fly running errands.  They are so versatile, which is why they are my fave!

In addition to our worded leggings, we also offer v-cut and high-waisted leggings.  Our v-cut leggings are edgy and made from material that will stretch and “hug” your curves.  And our high-waisted leggings will help hold that tummy area in while also keeping you comfy during your workouts.  Go ahead and purchase a pair today!

Waist Trimmer BLOWOUT!

waist cincherWe have a few waist trimmers that MUST GO!  So we are offering a STEAL on these that you will not find anywhere else.  Fellas, don’t be afraid to get your girl a waist trainer for Christmas or for her to kick off the new year!  Ladies, go ahead and treat yourself to something that may help you get into that dress you’ve been wanting to wear.  Check out the selection of waist trimmers we have.  Curvalicious Fitness Fashion will no longer sell these items as they will be discontinued once these are sold out so purchase yours today!

Sports Bras

We have a small selection of sports bras that you should consider checking out.  Fashionable and supportive, sports brathese sports bras also make great stocking stuffers.  Besides, what woman doesn’t appreciate a cute, supportive sports bra during her workout?

A Fitness Tech Diva is ALL about fitness and making it a lifestyle.  This means providing you with information on how to get and stay fit, eat healthier, using technology to get and stay in shape, and now purchasing products that will help you get or stay on your fitness journey.  The goal of A Fitness Tech Diva is to offer visitors a place where they can come get information on ALL things fitness.  That’s why I am SO EXCITED about adding the online boutique to the site!  Stay tuned as new products will be offered in 2017.  And feel free to offer ideas on products you’d like to see that the boutique currently does not offer….feedback is much appreciated!

Check out what we have to offer by shopping here!


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