The Deception of Weight Charts and the Curvaceous Woman

Ok so recently I was just on Facebook when I saw a weight chart posted by a local fitness trainer.  It was pretty basic only showing what a woman should weigh based on her height with the categories of normal, overweight, and obese.  But how accurate are these charts especially for women from different racial and ethnic backgrounds who may differ in genetics and body type? You have some women who have wide hips, thick thighs, a plump butt, and nice-sized breasts while others may not have any of these.  The two women are the same age and height but who do you think would be considered overweight or even obese based on a simple weight chart such as the one I described?  The curvaceous one, of course.  But how much should we actually believe these weight charts?  Does fat distribution make a difference (fat in your butt versus fat in your stomach)?  What about body fat percentage or your body frame…how does it tie into all this?  Hmmmm……The trainer was saying that the chart was very accurate while many of the ladies commenting on his post seemed to disagree.  Based on this “weight chart” he posted, many of the women commenting on his post are considered either overweight or obese.  But when they started posting their pics a good number of them actually looked as if they were in fairly good shape.  They also had different body frames and I find that this is something and should be considered when determining ideal weight.  There are weight charts that take one’s body frame into consideration when calculating ideal

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weight and I think this is a more accurate, up-to-date, realistic weight chart.  I’m VERY passionate about fitness and health, which is why I work out consistently 5-6 times a week, eat clean the majority of the time, and maintain healthy habits such as keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum (I hardly ever drink anymore and when I do it is typically only wine).  I worked hard to get out of the mid to high-140s I was stuck in for the longest to get down to a weight I haven’t been since college! So after 2 kids and 36 years old I feel awesome and proud of my accomplishment.  But strictly abiding by the weight charts is where I draw the line.  I mean I’ll use them as a guide to give me an idea of what I want to work toward but I don’t totally agree with how much they say I should weigh.  I am a 5’1 African-American woman and currently weigh 131 pounds.  People I run into keep telling me how much weight I’ve lost and how great I look but that I should not lose anymore weight.  I

Trying to tone a little more but not trying to lose my lil curves!

Trying to tone a little more but not trying to lose my lil curves!

actually agree with them, which is why I am not trying to lose anymore.  I have a nice-sized butt, C-cup breasts, hips that are medium in width, and toned, slightly thick thighs…in other words, I’m a bit curvaceous.  Now, take away all these “assets”….how do you think that would affect my weight?  I think it may knock off at least a couple of pounds.  But that’s not what I want.  I enjoy having these “assets” and try to make sure I do workouts that won’t cause them to go away (although I strongly believe genetics play a major role in this, as well).  You can be fit, toned, and still in great shape…even if the weight chart doesn’t reflect that.

Based on my personal experience and research we are all built differently and have different body frames.  Those who naturally have a small frame may find it quite easy to stay within the normal weight range based on these charts while those with medium to large frames may find it to be a bit more difficult.  I actually have a

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Pic courtesy of

medium to large frame….as small as people think I am I’m actually at the top of the weight charts for my height!  But I’m OK with that.  My biggest concern is not looking great in a bikini or having the flattest, most toned abs.  I just want to be healthy and in great shape.  I feel great, I like the size clothes I now wear, my body fat percentage is where it should be, and I still have my curves.  So that is good enough for me.  I don’t stress myself out trying to be “runway model skinny” and neither should you.  I choose, instead, to embrace my curves while maintaining my fitness and health.

Here are exercises I do to stay in my ideal weight range while also maintaining my curves:

Squats – Nice, toned butt

Upper Body Workouts (resistance bands, arm weights, push-ups, etc.) – Sexy, toned arms

Lower Body Workouts (plyometrics, jogging, etc.) – Curvy, toned legs

Abdominal Workouts – Flat(ter), toned abs

Pilates and Yoga – toning and flexibility

Be happy with and confident in yourself.  Understand your body frame and embrace your curves.  And most of all, make it your main leg daygoal to be healthy and in good shape by not putting yourself at risk for health ailments as a result of a high body fat percentage, BMI, high cholesterol, and a large amount of fat in your midsection.  Do what you need to do to keep these things in check while also consulting with your doctor to stay on top of your health.  By doing these things you should be fine…even if the “weight chart” says otherwise.

Check out these great resources for more information.

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NOTE: I am not a health professional or hold any type of certification, license, or degree in the healthcare or related fields. This post is based on my personal experience, research, and consultation with my doctor.  I recommend that you do what you can to stay fit and healthy such as consistently working out, eating well, and consulting with your doctor through regular check-ups.

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