Spring Break Destination: Destin, Florida

 Ok I’ve been meaning to write a post about this AWESOME place since I traveled there with the family back in November for our Thanksgiving trip.  Destin, Florida, in the far northern part of the state, is definitely a place you should add to your list of destinations to visit.  Miles of beautiful, white sand beaches, things to do that the entire family will enjoy, and great food are just a few reasons why you should consider Destin as your destination.

destin, fl palm trees

Palm trees heading toward Destin

I first traveled to Destin in 2012 for spring break with my kids and mom.  We actually drove there from St. Louis, Missouri…and it wasn’t a bad drive at all!  Destin is centrally located about an hour east of Pensacola and about an hour west of Panama City Beach putting you within a short driving distance of other awesome Florida destinations with beautiful beaches and a variety of things to do.  But let’s focus on Destin.  My favorite part of Destin are the white sand beaches….they are just absolutely beautiful. As we walked to the beach my kids talked about how it looked like snow.  And it feels amazing on your feet….soft and almost like powder.

Destin, FL white sand

Destin, FL white sand

Now maybe being from the midwest I’m just a bit beach-deprived and that has something to do with my high opinion of their beaches. But I’ve traveled to my fair share of beaches from coast to coast and in Jamaica and I have to say that Destin’s definitely ranks in the top 3 for me.  One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting up and out in the mornings to go running on the beach…maaaan what an AWESOME run!  Just sitting here thinking about it makes me want to go back as soon as possible just for that.  I easily ran 5 miles without even realizing it because of the spectacular scenery.  Miles of white sand, emerald-green water and gorgeous architecture lining the beaches such as vacation homes and beach restaurants/bars make for an amazing run….well at least for beach-deprived me it was!  Also, be sure to check out some of the great restaurants Destin has to offer.  There was a nice little restaurant/bar called Camille’s that we went to for happy hour…it is located right across from one of the beaches we frequented.  They have really tasty Sangrias (the red wine one was my favorite!).

Destin, FL Camille's

Sangrias for happy hour at Camille’s in Destin, FL

Destin has a variety of other restaurants ranging from oyster bars to barbecue spots with plenty of other options in between.  Something I didn’t get a chance to do while there was enjoy one of the boat rides such as the glass bottom boat…I gotta try that when I go back!  If you are considering a trip there be sure to check deals offered on boat rides and other activities Destin has…I found a few in their local magazines and on Groupon.

Destin, Fl beach bird

Destin, Fl beach bird

I think I’ve said enough about what Destin, Florida has to offer and how great of a destination it is for spring break, the holidays, or just because!  So I’ll stop here and just let you enjoy the pictures I took during my Thanksgiving vacation there that I’ve included in this post.  Trust me when I say that if you decide to take a trip here, whether it’s with your mate, a group of friends, or the kids you are sure to enjoy yourselves.  So consider making Destin your destination….you will not be disappointed.

kids at Destin, FL beach

My kids loved their beaches.

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