Social Media’s Impact on Relationships: The Survey and Results


I recently conducted a survey on the impact that social media has on today’s relationships.  With the worldwide heavy usage of social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram it is certainly to be expected that it would have some impact on relationships and even play a major role in redefining relationships in today’s society.  Think about it.  People get engaged and can’t wait to update their Facebook status to show it (well, maybe not so much the guys but usually the women are quick to do this).  People love to post oh-so-lovey couple pics from date night or family pics from that trip they took with the kids to Florida.  Or how about the relationship status updates made after a nasty breakup when the person can’t wait to let their social media friends know that their “back in the game”….or even worse when their status reflects that they are stuck in a relationship that’s “complicated”?  This has become all too common in today’s society where social media plays a huge role in our lives.  It gives people a look into the lives of others via pictures, posts, comments, bios, resumes, and yes…relationship statuses. So has social media had any impact on your relationship?  If so was it good or bad?  Social media has certainly been the blame for the demise of many relationships causing some people to not even be connected with their significant other as, for example, Facebook friends.  It may sound crazy to some that a husband and wife are not friends at all on Facebook but to others who may have dealt with the drama it sometimes causes it is totally understandable.  I wanted to conduct this survey to get an idea of how others view the the impact of social media on relationships and below are the results. 

  • Out of all respondents, 33.33% are currently married while those divorced and single were at 25% each.
  • Facebook is used by 100% of the respondents with Instagram users coming in at 66.67% then LinkedIn at 50%.
  • Facebook is the most frequently used social media site with 91.67% of respondents saying they use it more than others.
  • Here’s where it gets interesting.  Out of all respondents, less than half are linked to their significant other via social media (i.e. Facebook friends, Twitter follower) at 58.33% saying they are not while 41.67% are.  These same percentages applied to the percentage of respondents who publicize their relationships on social media such as with pictures and relationship statuses.
  • Regarding whether or not it is important to publicize your relationship via social media, only 8.33% of respondents said that it is while 66.67% said that it is not.  Another 25% of respondents were not sure.
  • Most interestingly, 0% of the respondents said that social media has helped their relationships while a whopping 75% said that it has had no impact and only 16.67% said that it negatively impacted their relationships.  Sadly, 8.33% said that it destroyed their relationship.
  • The last question was if social media negatively impacted your relationship then how and 40% said it was due to lack of privacy while 20% was split evenly between 1) inappropriate posts made, 2) inappropriate interactions with others, 3) lack of publicizing relationship via pictures, relationship statuses, etc., and 4) participation in inappropriate groups i.e. Facebook groups.  The majority, 60%, said it was due to other reasons such as things said or done on social media being misunderstood.

Based on these responses, it is obvious that many people try to not allow social media to play a major role in their relationships as it should not.  I truly believe that some relationships can thrive while they are linked on social media sites and publicizing their relationships via their statuses, posts, pictures…whatever they choose to use to show off their relationship to the social media world.  Many people have even met their significant others via social media and have gone on to have happy, lasting relationships.  For others, publicizing your relationship via social media can be a recipe for the demise of it.  Some people simply can’t handle their new-found popularity on social media while others are just flat out disrespectful and sloppy.  It comes down to the boundaries you have set in your relationship, which you should have anyway.  Social media is simply a new category to consider when setting those boundaries in your relationship.  In the end, all relationships are different so you have to do whatever works for yours.

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  1. What an interesting survey. I expected a larger percentage or relationships to be negatively affected by social media but it didn’t surprise me that things said and done on social media being misunderstood is the most popular reason. Great topic.

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