Social Media Jargon

social media jargon

Do you ever read a Facebook post or a tweet and wonder “What in the heck are they talking about?” or what someone means when they post “TRS but you are KIR”?  The conveniences offered by new methods of communication such as texting, instant messaging, and especially social media have increased the use of jargon to shorten words as a way to get messages across faster.  So instead of saying “That really sucks but you are keepin’ it real” you could just say “TRS but you are KIR”.  Jargon is also increasingly used as a way to shorten messages for easier reading or as required by the tool being used such as Twitter, which allows only up to 140 characters per tweet. 

So if you often feel lost in the jargon used when snooping around in your kids’ text messages or reading through Facebook posts then maybe this alphabetical list of what I call “social media jargon” will help you out. 

Read on….and YW!           

143 – I love you

2FB – too freaking bad

2H2H – too hot to handle

Attwicted – addicted to Twitter

AYSOS – Are you stupid or something?

BAF – bring a friend

BCO – big crush on

BD – big deal

BF – boyfriend

BFFL – best friends for life

BFK – big fat kiss

Chillax – chill and relax

CPE – coolest person ever

Creeper – a socially invasive person

Crew – group of friends

CSL – can’t stop laughing

CYA – see ya

CYF – check your Facebook

Dweet – drunk tweet

DYK – Did you know?

EOR – end of rant

F9 – fine

FAWC – for anyone who cares

FBC – Facebook chat

FBF – Facebook friend

FCOL – for crying out loud

FF – friends forever

FH – future husband

FML – F*** my life

FTR – for the record

FW – future wife

FYE – for your entertainment

G9 – genius

GBY – God bless you

GGGB – good girl gone bad

GF – girlfriend

GIC – God’s in control

GMAB – give me a break

GR8 – great

H&K – hugs and kisses

HC – how cool

HOM – hit or miss

HWU – Hey, what’s up?

IA – I agree

IAG – it’s all good

IAL – I am in love

IHU – I hate you

IRL – in real life

IWU – I want you

Jellz – jealous

JLMK – just let me know

JSYK – just so you know

KIR – keepin’ it real

KIT – keep in touch

L2M – listening to music

LAFS – love at first sight

LFTD – laugh for the day

LIG – life is good

LML – love my life

LMS – like my status

LSS – long story short

M02 – my two cents

NOYB – none of your business

NTS – note to self

NVM – nevermind

NW – no way

OOH – out of here

OTOH – on the other hand

OTS – on the scene

PIMP – peeing in my pants (laughing)

PLJ – peace, love, joy

PTL – praise the Lord

Ridic – ridiculous

SBT – sorry ‘bout that

SMF – so much fun

SOS – someone special

SUX – sucks

TC – take care

TCOB – takin’ care of business

TFTA – thanks for the add

TITF – that is too funny

TMFT – too much free time

TOH – the other half

TRS – that really sucks

TT – trending topic

Twaddict – Twitter addict

Tweeps – Twitter peeps

Tweetsult – Twitter insult

TYVM – thank you very much

U2U –up to you

VBG – very big grin

W2G – way to go

WL – whatta loser

WTG – way to go

WYWH – wish you were here

XGF – ex-girlfriend

YGG – you go girl

YRAG – you are a geek

YRL – you are lame

YW – you’re welcome

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