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Are you ready for a career change that will get you out of the 5 figure salary range (or perhaps less than that)?  Are you ready to get in the upper echelons of salary without years of schooling and a great deal of student loan debt accumulation?  Well hopefully this article can put you on the path to reach this goal!  Here are six jobs that will allow you to make six figures….not necessarily in the beginning (unless you’re very fortunate or already have the right experience, training, etc.) but in which you can definitely reach this level of salary.  Just think….the U.S. national average wage as of 2012 was $44,321.67….quite a ways from a six figure salary.  Why aren’t there more people making a six figure salary or close to it?  Well, I can’t answer that question but perhaps most people think that in order to make such a salary would require years of expensive schooling and/or training.  Others just may not have found the typical six figure jobs appealing enough to go after i.e. doctors and lawyers (yes….really….there are many people who do not want to be doctors or lawyers even if the schooling for these professions was a lot cheaper).  So what are those jobs that may not typically come to mind when it comes to six figures?  I’ve compiled this list of jobs based on research I did.  So read on and if a six figure salary is something you’re pursuing then I hope this article helps you to get there sooner than later!

Project Manager

Project managers work in many different sectors of the job market and can be found almost anywhere that has projects taking place….construction sites, corporate offices, and even school districts just to name a few.  Project managers are generally responsible for overseeing a project from start to finish while coordinating everything in-between as needed for things to run smoothly (or to put out fires when needed).  The salary range for a project manager is very wide but according to the average salary for this job role in the U.S. is $87,500…not bad at all!  So what do you need to land a project manager job?  Well, a college degree can help a great deal but is not always necessary.  What is also highly respected and good for project manager candidates to have is a project management certification….most notably the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification.  So if you have an interest in coordinating the tasks of others, managing timelines and budgets, and are not afraid to put together the right resources to put out fires that could threaten a project then project management just might be the job that you should consider.  Besides, with an average U.S. salary of $87,500 it is well worth considering!

Account Executive

At an average U.S. salary of $55,000, it may not appear that an account executive is a job that should be included in this list.  But depending on the capacity in which one works as an account executive, this job can provide a very generous salary well into the six figure range.  An account exec’s typical job responsibilities include being the liaison between a company and its clients doing things such as nurturing relationships with existing customers, generating new revenue for a company by prospecting new customers, and overseeing customer service for the select group of clients they work with.  While a college degree would help one to land an account executive job, good people skills and experience is what really comes in handy here.  If you are great at working with people by building and maintaining relationships through strong communication and a commitment to offering a high level of customer service then an account executive job is one you should check out and possibly pursue.

Mobile Application Developer

With the explosive popularity of smart phones and the numerous apps that keep people entertained these days it is no surprise that those making these things possible earn great salaries.  Not only are these important skills to have for smart phone and app users but also for most companies who really want to have an online presence and meet the needs of a population that has become more mobile than ever.  And guess what?  You certainly do not need a four-year college degree to snag one of these jobs.  With a simple Internet search of online tutorials that teach you how to create your own websites and apps you can learn these skills on your own!  Now, of course depending on how far you want to go with it and how sophisticated you would like to get will determine if this is something that can become very lucrative for you.  The average salary for a mobile application developer job in the U.S. is $102,000….NIIIICE!!  So not only is this a fun job to have but also a very lucrative one!

Makeup Artists – Theatrical and Performance

Have you ever watched the makeup artists on TV who can make someone go from plain Jane to top model looks with the use of a few makeup palettes and brushes?  They are able to create any look you need from a simple party look to a dramatic transformation with contoured facial features making one look almost like a totally different person.  While the average salary for makeup artists who work in the theatrical and performance areas is about $68,000 those who are in the top 10% make over $117,000 according to Forbes.  Additionally, depending on whom the artists work with there may be other perks included with this job such as traveling to fun places, meeting lots of cool people, and attending some very cool events.  So if you have an interest in playing around with different types of makeup to create all types of looks and open to relocating to the east or west coast (where these jobs tend to be most lucrative) then this just may be the job for you.

Professional Blogger

Now who would have thought writing on topics that interest you and that you choose to share with others could reward you with a very generous salary?  Well, if you dedicate some time to it and are able to gain a loyal fan base that consistently follows your posts then blogging can definitely become a full-time job…and apparently a very lucrative one!  But often it does take more than just simply writing cool articles and having a nice, colorful website that visitors may enjoy navigating.  Bloggers I know who have been successful with achieving six figure incomes have been fortunate enough to dedicate a great deal of time to consistently writing articles, getting others to write articles for their sites, selling their own products via their blog sites, attending conferences to network with other bloggers, and even get picked up by small and major brands who want these bloggers to write on their products.  And of course, no college degree or special training is needed for blogging but only an interest in writing on various topics and sharing this information with others.  Even kids can blog and get paid for it!


Although the majority of start-up businesses fail within the first few years of operation there are also many success stories.  And these success stories often include business owners who were able to earn very nice salaries reaching the six figure range and beyond!  There really is no specific business you can start that is guaranteed to allow you to earn such a salary.  But if you can create and/or sell a product that people really want or need and can gain a loyal customer base while keeping your operating costs from going through the roof, then it is highly possible that you can earn that lucrative salary that many can only dream of.  It really comes down to turning your passion into something that can reward you with a very generous salary…one that can allow you, your kids, grand kids and, depending on how successful your business is, your great-grands and beyond to reap the benefits of your success.  Just look at the billionaire heirs to Wal-Mart 🙂


I hope this article has helped give you a good idea of some very lucrative careers that are not typically thought of but that you may want to consider pursuing.  Just don’t be fooled into thinking that a six figure salary is only possibly for those who have the means to spend lots of money on school or were lucky enough to inherit the family’s business.  Remember…you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to and that you are willing to work for.  And even if you are not making that six figure salary as long as you can pay your bills and still have money left over to enjoy life…then that’s all that really matters.


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