Simple Steps to Transform Your Body

PhotoGrid_1443557029339So yesterday was Transformation Tuesday and I posted the below pic in honor of it.  Sometimes I think to myself that I haven’t lost that much weight…that it’s not 50-100 pounds like some so it’s not as noticeable.  But when I look at my old pics compared to now I can definitely see the difference.  Since early February of this year I have been on a fitness journey and have become ADDICTED to the fit lifestyle.  No, I won’t say I go overboard with it…I do take breaks (I now work out 5-6 times a week versus everyday) and I even have bad food and drinks every so often.  But there are a few key things that have helped me keep the weight I lost off and stick to this new, healthier, more fit lifestyle I’m living.  And you can do the same. Keep reading for my tips on how you can start living a lifestyle that will have you feeling and looking better than ever and make you see that the fit life is where it’s at.

  1. Change your MINDSET: This is number 1 for a very important reason!  You very likely will not stick to your workout and modified diet required to get more fit if you do not first change your mindset.  I have seen this numerous times (including me in the past).  I remember times when I’d go on crash diets where I ate little and went hungry just to lose a few pounds.  I see people and even I would eat OK for the week but then have HUGE cheat days on the weekend (something else I used to do Friday-Sunday).  I remember when I worked out no more than 3 times a week for 30 minutes because I thought that was sufficient.  But of course I wasn’t losing ANY weight…in fact, sometimes I gained!  It wasn’t until I changed my mindset that I started seeing some real results.  But I had to do what’s listed in the next item to keep the weight off.
  2. Develop healthier habits: Once I changed my mindset I started paying more attention to the things I was doing that was getting me the results I wanted.  This included eating in smaller portions and more often throughout the day, using 1422308721405different methods to cook some of my fave foods (such as baking instead of frying), making time to work out at least 5-6 times a week (even if it is just a 20 minute power walk during the workday that’s still a workout), and drinking more water daily (at least half my body weight in ounces).
  3. Meal prep/venture in food options: Meal prepping is important to me and, with a busy schedule, helps me a lot.  Since I don’t eat out nearly as often as I used to considering many restaurants serving dishes loaded with calories, fat, sodium, and even chemicals I prepare most of my food at home now.  But this can also get VERY time-consuming.  So I’ve grown to enjoy cooking, exploring new food options and healthier ways to prepare my food, and setting time aside to prepare my food in larger portions.  I don’t meal prep for an entire week but generally I cook enough to get me and my family through a few days.  And this alone helps TREMENDOUSLY.
  4. Take pictures: Simply put…you can’t really see your transformation unless you take pictures along the way.  For me, I’ve only lost 20 pounds max.  I feel that doesn’t compare to some who have lost more such as between 50-100 pounds.  But I definitely feel better than before and when I look at my pictures over the past several months I can see that I LOOK better.  So taking pictures along the way is very important for you to track your progress along with feeling better.
  5. Don’t deprive yourself and be realistic: Since I’ve become a “fitness freak” this doesn’t mean that I’ve given up all of the foods I love.  I still eat pizza (which I can eat EVERYDAY because I love it that much), desserts, and most of all I’m not IMG_20150211_182540giving up my wine…I’m a wine lover!  But I now know how to enjoy these things in moderation.  This is that part that many people don’t seem to get.  They think that if they decide to live a more fit, healthier lifestyle that this means all they’ll be able to eat are vegetables, fruits, bland meats, and boring snacks with extremely little to no alcohol.  But from my experience this simply isn’t true.  I’ve still been able to enjoy eating pizza.  But instead of gobbling down 3-4 slices from Pizza Hut I prefer to make my own veggie whole wheat veggie flatbread or cauliflower crust pizzas at home.  Or instead of eating 1-2 slices of apple pie I prefer to whip up my apple quinoa dish that I can enjoy for breakfast or dessert.  And for wine I try to stick with dry, reds for the most part since they tend to get my buzzed a little faster, have a few health benefits that white wines don’t have, and contain less sugar than sweeter wines.  Even 20150929_214457when I drink sweeter wines it’s typically semi-sweet or just not something I drink nearly as often.  So I’m not depriving myself of the foods and drinks I really enjoy but instead have learned to enjoy them in moderation.  This is key.

I hope what I’ve shared with you regarding my experiences is at least a little helpful to you.  Although everyone is different I do believe that if you apply some of these during your fitness journey you will see some good results.  So just see what you may be able to try and how it works for you.  Whatever you choose to do good luck on your fitness journey and remember to take it one day at a time…you’ll reach your fitness goals if you stick with the program!

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    • Yes! This truly is the foundation, in my opinion, for setting out on a fitness journey & staying consistent with doing what it takes to keep the weight off.

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