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Are you looking for a little extra pocket change to compliment the income you get from your day job?  Maybe you have a couple of house projects you’d like to complete and need to save some extra cash.  How about starting that “rainy day” account you’ve been wanting to open but continue to put off?  There could be a number of reasons we look to make some extra cash rather it is temporarily or something we’d like to continue doing for as long as possible (why not if it works well for you).  I’ve done my fair share of research on side hustles, some of which I’ve actually tried such as mystery shopping, and I say if you can find a little extra time then you should consider doing one, too (or more if you have the time).  So here’s a list of side hustles I’ve compiled.  Hopefully this can help someone out!money pic

  • Mystery shopping: As mentioned, I’ve tried this in the past and it was pretty cool for me.  You can find mystery shopping assignments that will send you to restaurants, hotels, and other places of business just to review them and provide helpful feedback.  Often, these mystery shopping companies will either reimburse you for whatever you paid and/or pay you a fee.  Who doesn’t want a free dinner or hotel stay.  It’s certainly worth trying!  Check out, which provides a compiled list of companies with mystery shopping assignments.
  • Adult toy parties: Yep, I tried this before, too 🙂  These are fun parties that are similar to Mary K. and Avon parties where you present the products and provide samples to the attendees.  These are commonly held at someone’s home who is the host of the party and the consultant comes in to present the products and samples.  I went down the route of adult toy parties because I found it to be a very interesting concept.  Check out companies such as Passion Parties (that’s the one I was with) and Pure Romance.
  • Survey taker: Taking surveys is another way to earn a little extra change.  From my experience, they’ll usually send them to you via email however often you choose to have them sent.  But you don’t always get money for them.  I found that often you just get points that can lead to money or prizes.  Also, it can definitely be time-consuming to take these surveys.  So I would definitely keep that in mind. also contains these opportunities.
  • Cleaning buildings and homes: I’ve met people who purchased some home cleaning supplies and set out to clean homes and buildings as a side hustle.  One lady I know charged a flat fee of $50 to clean an entire house.  I also know someone who was able to get a couple of contracts with car dealerships and small businesses to clean their buildings after hours.  Depending on how much work you put into it this could turn into a big business for you allowing you to leave your day job.
  • Lawn maintenance: Do you have a pick-up truck or SUV?  Or do you have a car with a trunk large enough to fit a small mower and other lawn equipment?  Don’t mind working outside?  Well maybe you should consider starting a service to maintain lawns.  You could do anything from cutting grass to planting flowers.  You’d be surprised how many people want nothing to do with their lawns and have a need for this type of service.  So there is definitely money to be made with this.
  • Kid parties: This is something else I considered doing but never did (I do my fare share of kid activities with my own so I’m good 🙂 ).  I have known people who started businesses such as dressing as a clown and other kid-friendly characters to entertain kids.  They would go into people’s homes or wherever the party was being held and would take supplies such as face painting, games, and other fun items for the kids to enjoy.  There are a lot of parents who want to throw their kids a really cool, fun party but just simply don’t have the time or aren’t that creative.  So someone who provides this service is sure to get some good business especially depending on how you market your services.
  • Design websites and/or social media pages: So this may sound like someone for the tech-savvy only but guess what…it isn’t.  With advancements in technology, designing websites has become easier than ever for even the total novice.  And there are many helpful tools that you can reference as a guide for designing social media pages such as on Facebook.  As easy as this is, though, there are still many people who just simply do not have the time to do this or aren’t very creative and need a website and/or social media page that really attracts people.  So this is where you can step in if this is something that interests you.  And it can be totally fun!

These are just a few side hustle ideas I know of from personal experience.  It is always nice to have a way to get a little extra cash for emergencies or just to increase savings (or increase your shopping fund!).  And with technology these days, you can create your own advertising easily and for little to no cost such as creating your own flyers, handouts, business cards, and website.  Also, social media can really help you advertise and grow your business, as well.  So if you’re looking for a little extra cash and don’t necessarily want to commit to a part-time job or just need flexibility to set your own schedule then I would encourage you to explore some of these opportunities.  Stay tuned for more side hustle ideas to be posted!

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