My Top “fitness freak must-haves” for Cyber Monday and Holiday Shopping!

These, in my opinion, are tech ESSENTIALS for the “fitness freak” to have and are my top picks for Cyber Monday and holiday shopping for the fitness freak (or soon-to-be fitness freak).  Check them out!

What: Small Bluetooth Speaker
Why: Carry your speaker wherever you need some great tunes to get you amped for a great workout!  

What: Quality Headphones/Earbuds 
Why: You need a great pair of earbuds or headphones that you can rely on when going for a jog or working on those muscles at the gym.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried buying a cheap pair only to end up having issues with them such as a short in the cord or the earpiece falling apart.  Spend a few more bucks than you have in the past to get yourself or someone else a quality pair that will last a lot longer.  
What: Wearable Fitness Tracker 
Why: If you are into fitness or thinking about getting into fitness then you definitely need a fitness tracker to help you track your steps, calories, and more depending on which one you get.  Yes, there is a HUGE variety of them to choose from.  I have the Fitbit Flex myself and I think this brand offers a nice variety of them so you can find the one that best fits your needs.  Jawbone is another great brand I recommend…my husband has that one. 
What: High-Powered Blender 
Why: Protein shakes, healthy juices, even powered nuts…these are all things you may want to try if you’re trying to live a more fit and healthy lifestyle.  But you may want to do away with your old blender you’ve had for the past several years and invest in one that is a bit more powerful and versatile.  I love my Nutribullet because I can go from blending a protein smoothie in it to grinding almonds into a powder form to mix into recipes.  High power blenders such as this one and the Ninja definitely come in handy if you’re looking to whip up something healthy and tasty within a few minutes. 
What: High-powered food processer 
Why: Just like the high-powered blender, a good food processer also comes in handy for making something healthy and tasty.  I love my small Ninja food processor for chopping up veggies for stir-fry and salsa or beans for dips and hummus. 
What: MP3 player/iPod 
Why: Sure you can listen to music from your phone…but why use up all that space when you can just get an MP3 player or iPod instead to store all your favorite music you need to keep you pumped during your workouts?  But this brings me to my last pick. 
What: micro SD memory card  
Why: Save money and just store your music on one of these memory cards instead that you can insert into your phone.  Just make sure you have a phone that takes a microSD memory card. 

Hope this helps…happy shopping!

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