My GoPro Hero 4 Review

I recently had the opportunity to try out the GoPro Hero 4 camera for a few days courtesy of Verizon Wireless.  Pretty cool camera if you’re really into creating great videos and getting great shots.  Not so cool if you’re like me and just want something simple and straight-forward to use for the same purpose.

I actually did not get to use the camera as much as I would have liked to…mostly because I had to find the time to set it up.  When I opened the box that the camera came in I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed by all the pieces.  Not sure if it normally comes like this, though…maybe I got extra mounts because I received it as a product to review rather than me just buying it myself at the store (which often requires the purchase of additional pieces to enhance the experience of using the camera such as mounts).  I had to do some reading to understand how to mount the camera along with reading up on how to work the features of it such as switching between camera and video mode.  So there was a bit of a learning curve here especially with the mounting part (I hate putting stuff 20160204_215726together!).  But once I got it figured out I was good to go.  The next part I noticed was the waterproof housing for the camera, which is very easy to remove and snap back together.  This housing allows you to do things with the camera such as take underwater shots (which I unfortunately did not get to do because the battery went dead while I was walking the beach on my recent Florida trip…I’ll get to my thoughts on the battery later).  So I thought this was pretty cool especially since it is not something you would have to buy separately.


Regarding the actual features of the camera , I think the GoPro Hero 4 takes some great, clear videos but I wasn’t super impressed with the still pictures…maybe I just did not do a great job taking the pictures (I’m FAR from a photographer or person who knows how to capture great pictures). Also, I had issues with sharing the videos and photos to social media, which has to be done via the GoPro Hero app.  Not sure why I couldn’t get it going but it doesn’t take long for me to get frustrated with something like this so I gave up within a couple of minutes.  I just want it to be straight-forward as it is with my phone…I snap the picture or record the video then tap on the “Share” option to send it to my Facebook, IG, or Twitter page…simple.  The battery life also seems to suck with this camera.  I hadn’t been walking on the beach long before the battery in this camera went dead.  So I would suggest carrying an extra battery or compatible portable charger if you can.

Overall, I would say that this is a great camera for the enthusiast who loves capturing great pictures and videos of life’s moments.  I’m
gopro hero 4

Pic courtesy of Verizon Wireless

not talking about just snapping a picture with your smartphone but those who want to get a great shot from any possible angle resulting in a magazine-worthy picture.  But if this isn’t you and you’re OK with something not quite as sophisticated (like me) than go for something a bit more straightforward to use…a smartphone with a  great camera (my next planned purchase).  You can purchase the GoPro Hero 4 at Verizon Wireless for $399 (silver edition).  Check it out here.

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