My Experience At The Wearable Tech Expo

Recently, I attended the Wearable Technology conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I had really been looking forward to attending to learn more about the latest wearable tech devices available on or coming to the market…especially those that can help us live more fit, healthier lives.  Some may know that I’m a HUGE Fitbit fan and I wear mine’s faithfully to track my daily step count and calorie burn.  But as a blogger I feel that it is my duty to explore what else is available to consumers like myself who love to utilize technology to get and stay fit.  Unfortunately, this is not what I found at the Wearable Technology Expo and now I know I should have stuck with my original plans to attend CES 2016 in Vegas instead 🙁 But not all was bad at all for my trip.  I think that the organizers of the conference picked a great location for it.  I was very happy to escape the cold, dreary Midwestern January weather to head to sunny south Florida,  Palm trees and beaches were just what I needed for a few days (and it was right around my birthday so even better!).

Hollywood boardwalk

Hollywood Beach boardwalk is great for getting your daily steps in!

But I must say that the conference itself, for someone who attended for the Wearable Technology portion, was disappointing.  When I arrived, no one at the front desk could tell me where the actual sessions for this portion of the conference were being held and it was not included in the agenda they gave me.  When I checked on the conference website I also noticed that they had changed the agenda at the last-minute because sessions I had planned to attend were no longer listed such as the merging of fashion and wearable technology that was scheduled for Tuesday morning.  Since no one at the conference’s registration desk seemed to know hardly anything about the Wearable Technology sessions I found myself walking around for a bit feeling lost trying to figure things out on my own.  I finally gave up and decided to take a shopping break at some nearby stores in the area and grab something to eat.  I returned to attend the exhibit show that night where they had a list of tech start-ups showcasing their products.  But still did not see any wearable technology companies.  I did talk to reps from a few of the companies that I found a bit interesting such as one that sells high-tech security systems

MX Security system offers some very cool high-tech features.

MX Security system offers some very cool high-tech features.

and another that sells web meeting software that allows more customization options and a lower price than larger companies such as Webex.  But quite honestly I was so disappointed to not find any Wearable Tech companies that I did not bother to attend the exhibit show on Wednesday…or even return to the conference at all.  I am really glad that I held out on paying for this conference and ended up getting a free pass to attend instead…I would have been quite upset if I had paid the $199 they were charging for the pass I was able to get for free.

So next time I will definitely stick to attending a conference such as CES where it is guaranteed to have what I’m looking for in the ever-evolving world of fitness technology.  I’ll save south Florida for vacationing.  Lesson learned 🙂

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