Meal (and Dessert!) Ideas for the Vegan & Vegetarian…in Pictures!

So maybe you’ve decided to take the route of becoming a vegan (a person who does not eat anything that comes from animals….no meat, no dairy, no seafood…none of that) or a vegetarian (a person who doesn’t eat meat but will eat some products that come from animals such as dairy).  Or maybe you’d just like to mix up your diet more with vegan and vegetarian dishes for health/fitness reasons.  Whatever your reasoning is it can definitely be a challenge to find meals that fall into these categories you will enjoy…especially if you’re used to eating tasty foods like barbecue chicken, juicy cheeseburgers, and tender steaks.  But we all know that eating these foods on a regular basis is not ideal for someone who is trying to follow a healthier diet.  No worries….there are PLENTY of tasty and healthier vegan and vegetarian alternatives out there that will have you wondering why you ever thought you’d actually miss eating these foods.  Let me help you out with a few meal ideas….I even threw in a couple of desserts!  This picture list contains enough vegan and vegetarian options to get you through at least one week.  Stay tuned for my eBook coming soon that will contain recipes for these and more vegan and vegetarian dishes!

black bean burger

Who says you need meat for a taco salad? With this black bean burger taco salad trust me you won’t even miss the meat.

vegetable soup

This hearty soup contains just the right mix of veggies to help you get the nutrients you need. To make it even better with additional protein and fiber add a little cooked quinoa.


salad topping

This tasty combination of veggies and vinegar tastes great as a snack or as a salad topping.

quinoa, apple dessert

Cooked quinoa with hints of cinnamon topped off by a sweet mix of apples and pecans…wow! Tastes great as a dessert or for breakfast.









peanut butter balls, healthy desserts

Great for grab n go. I also add cocoa sometimes for a chocolate taste.

green smoothies

This definitely taste better than it looks! The frozen banana does wonders for this creamy, cool, guilt-free smoothie that is great as breakfast or dessert.

oatmeal cookies, healthy desserts

These vegan cookies taste great warm or cool. As options I sometimes add in cocoa powder for a chocolate taste.

quinoa, black beans

This dish containing a nicely seasoned mix of quinoa, vegetables, and beans tastes great as a main or side dish and is very filling. I sometimes leave out the corn but if using it I only use sweet corn.

black bean burger, healthy eating

This black bean quinoa burger with a side of breaded zucchini fries is a great, healthier alternative to the typical burger and fries combo!


cauliflower and zucchini

The breaded cauliflower along with the dip serves as a replacement for buffalo chicken.


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    • Yes…they make it a bit easier to stay away from fried foods. I still go somewhat easy on the bread crumbs, too. Chopped nuts and oats are another option but I do prefer bread crumbs. And yes stay tuned for the ebook!

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