A few things to mention regarding legal aspects of A Fitness Tech Diva blog site:

  • The blog posts presented on this site are original material written by the site’s admin and any contributors to this site.  If the posts contain any information from articles, blog posts, etc. from other sites then the appropriate references (citations) will be made to reference the source.
  • Blog posts presented on this site, when pertaining to a person and/or business, are only posted after the written material has been 100% approved by the person and/or business it is in reference to.  This also includes 100% approval of any photos, links, or other additions included in the blog post.
  • The pictures used on this site fall into 3 categories: 1) originally created by the admin or contributor, 2) photo taken and uploaded by the admin or contributor, and 3) used from another site with the source of that site referenced on

Please check back for updates to this section.

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