Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Absolutely Love


Ran out of time to get your mother or other special lady a mother’s day gift?  Don’t fret!  It’s never too late to get her something that she’s sure to love or at least greatly appreciate. And it’s the thought that counts anyway right?  Check out these cool, last minute gifts that you can get for your Mother’s Day honoree.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the easiest gifts you can buy, which is why they are so popular.  Don’t know which to get?  Then consider getting one that anyone can use such as a Visa gift card.  You can put a decent amount of money on it so she can buy whatever she wants.  What’s even better is now you can buy and send gift cards online via e-mail. So if you have a mother or mother-in-law who lives out of town like I do then this is also a great option…especially for last minute when you don’t have time to mail it to her!


So here’s one for the techie moms such as myself.  But this isn’t only a nice gift for the techie moms but also those who want the convenience that wearable tech such as a smartwatch has to offer. smartwatchFitness trackers, calendar alerts, smartphone updates, and sleep tracking are just a few cool features that many smartwatches have to offer.

Homemade Gifts

Now this is something that smaller children can take part in and really have fun with.  In addition to what I get her I usually let me kids make a homemade gift for my mom and she always love it.


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They’ve created cards, decorated picture frames, and even made fruit baskets for her as previous Mother’s Day gifts.  You can even do something like a huge, nicely decorated poster with her picture in the middle.  Get creative with it and have fun!  Something homemade is truly made from the heart so she’s sure to love it.

A week worth’s of prepared meals

With the growing trend of meal prepping and on-the-go meal offerings, I think cooking up some meals (healthy of course) and packing them into those reusable plates that comes with lids can make a great gift.  Think about it…she won’t have to cook dinner for about a week and all she has to do is grab her plate out of the fridge then pop it into the microwave.  Now how more convenient can it get for her?  Mother’s Day just turned into Mother’s Week for her!


Well, who doesn’t like money 🙂  If all else fails and you can’t think of anything else to get your Mother’s Day honoree then money is always a nice option.  Maybe you can get a bit creative with it. Put it in a picture frame on top of your family’s picture or in a small bag or money picbasket along with her fave candies and sparkling wine (non-alcoholic if she doesn’t drink).  These are just a few ideas on how to make it more than just handing her a card with money in it.  Make it memorable!


Hope you find these ideas helpful.  As a mommy myself I can almost guarantee that she’ll greatly appreciate any of these gifts!

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