Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

So Valentine’s Day 2014 is practically here and you are still scrambling around for ideas on how to spend it with your boo!  Well don’t fret…even with it being a day away there’s still time for you to plan something to remember.  So check out my list of ideas below.  Hope this helps!!  rose petals

1) Game Night Out: How about a little friendly competition with challenging your boo to a game of pool or darts?  A few good eats and drinks could help add to the fun.  Just remember the keyword is FRIENDLY 🙂

2) Dine-In Movie Theater: So one of the classic dates is going to catch a movie at the theater, right?  Well how about adding a twist to this experience to make it just a bit more interesting?  A dine-in movie theater goes beyond the ordinary movie theater experience with plush, reclining seats and seat-side service.  While they offer the typical movie theater food and drinks you can also order from a menu of restaurant-style food and even “adult beverages”.  It’s definitely worth checking out!

3) Hookah bar: Looking for something a bit chill where you can really have great, mind-stimulating conversation?  Then a hookah bar is a spot you may want to check out.  Often, these spots feature Middle Eastern cuisine along with Arabic or Indian music.  If you get lucky you may even find one that offers belly dancers as part of the entertainment for the night.  And if you’re concerned about the tobacco in hookahs just inquire to see if they offer any that are tobacco-free….many of them do. 

4) Indoor Winery: Just because it’s cold outside does not mean you can’t enjoy a trip the winery.  Make it an indoor winery experience instead.  Some even offer the opportunity to create your own wine to take home.  Just be careful not to get too buzzed to enjoy the rest of your evening…or maybe that’s actually the plan 🙂

5) Painting and more: The new “in-thing” that everyone has been talking about is painting while enjoying drinks (usually adult beverages) and snacks of choice you can bring.  It allows for a fun, relaxing atmosphere where you can create your own “masterpiece” to take home…definitely a different type of experience!  While Painting with a Twist is a very popular chain offering this experience there are more spots like this popping up so check your local ads.  Don’t forget it’s BYOB!

6) A Night of dancing: Maybe you’re in a mood for a little bumpin’ and grindin’, sizzlin’ salsa, rhythmic reggae moves, poppin’ and twerkin’ to some hip hop, or just whatever sounds you enjoy that get you going.  This can be a great date night that the two of you are sure to enjoy…and you may be able to get some much needed calorie burning!

7) Couples Massage: After days of hard work and dealing with the typical stresses of life we can all use a nice, relaxing massage.  So what better way to enjoy one than with your honey right next to you?  Consider getting a couples’ massage that you can both enjoy.  If you’re feeling a little adventurous then maybe you can also consider setting up your own massage parlor at home and treating your honey to the sensual touch of your hands.  This is sure to lead to an erotic night of more than just the sensual touch of your hands so enjoy ;) 

8) Role Play: Ok so this may sound a little crazy but it can definitely add some excitement to your relationship.  Get a hotel room and have your boo meet you there.  Or go to a bar and have your boo meet you there where he/she may offer to buy you a drink then maybe sneak off somewhere together for a pretend “one night stand”.  Or how about while you’re out on the dance floor at a club your boo approaches you for some hot, sweaty, dirty dancing and afterwards you head over to a table for conversation as if it’s your first time meeting one another?  There are different ways to role play other than dressing in a costume or doing some corny acting.  Add some spice to it with these or similar ideas.  Have fun!

9) Staycation: So maybe you wanted to get away on a quick V-Day vacay but it just didn’t quite come together.  Don’t let this stop you from enjoying a quick getaway in town instead….consider doing a staycation.  Book a room at a nice hotel somewhere.  Maybe you can find one that offers spa services, a nice restaurant, or great views of the city.  Or if you’re looking for something other than a typical hotel experience that’s a bit more quaint then maybe you should consider a bed and breakfast instead.  A staycation can be just as fun as a vacation depending on what you choose to do and where you choose to stay.  It can also save money due to not having to travel a long distance to get to your destination.  Always nice to save a few bucks! 

10) Candlelit Dinner: Who says you have to go out to a nice, overcrowded restaurant for V Day?  Get a few items from the store instead and plan a good ol’ candlelit dinner at home.  Perhaps a gourmet, restaurant-quality meal would be a good idea…something you know your boo enjoys eating.  Pick up some “sexy” fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, bananas, or grapes to add to the menu along with some chocolate dipping sauce.  And don’t forget the wine or sparkling juice to top it all off.  Who needs to go out to a restaurant anyway??  Enjoy!

Other ideas: movie night in, indoor picnic, private strip tease show for your boo at home, chocolate bubble bath by candlelight, couples night in with raunchy games, food and drinks. 

Whatever you choose to do for Valentine’s Day just remember that it’s nice to celebrate your love on this day by doing something special together.  But it’s more important that you celebrate your love for one another everyday.  Hope you’ve found some good ideas here….if you decided to try any please comment on how it went!   


Image credit: (Victor Habbick)

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