Keepin’ It Real: Does Fitness “Fit” Your Lifestyle?

fitnessFitness is a lifestyle.  I’m sure you have seen or heard this a number of times.  People say it, wear it on their clothing, post it on social media…it’s a truth that all of us “fitness freaks” share.  But what perception do those who may not quite fit into this lifestyle have of it?  Is this a lifestyle they can ever fit into or become part of?  When they look at weight charts and see that, according to these charts, they are 15 pounds overweight then do they feel like the “fitness freak” club is one they can never join because of all the obstacles they face?  These obstacles may include things such as what we enjoy eating, work/life balance, and even how we socialize.  How would you feel if a personal trainer or health coach told you that fried chicken you just can’t live without eating every Sunday for dinner is bad for you because of all the fat and calories it contains? Or what if someone tells you that you need to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour at a minimum of 6 days a week to meet your weight goal when you typically work 45-50 hours a week minimum AND have a family at home?  How about those happy hours you and your friends have made it a weekly ritual to hook up at…your health coach tells you that those are a NO NO because of the temptation you face with all the available alcoholic drinks and fatty appetizers. How do you feel…this is an important part of how you socialize with others to wind down from the work week.  Do you really want to give up these things to be a part of the fitness lifestyle?  Of course, being fit and healthy is extremely beneficial so everyone should want to make it their goal.  But in reality, many do not know where to start or have the mindset to even think about starting out on a fitness journey.  As a result, what many of these health coaches, personal trainers, and others are telling these people falls on deaf ears.  And the “unfit” cycle they live in continues.  

What I think it comes down to is making fitness “fit” your lifestyle.  Don’t think you have to fit into the box that many says are only for the “fitness freaks”.  You may be a woman 5’5 in height but hasn’t been under a size 10 in clothes since you were in junior high school. You may be a guy who consistently weighed under 180 pounds with a muscular build in college while playing sports and eating whatever you wanted but since then haven’t been able to get down to under 235 pounds with a more stocky build.  Maybe you are that person who loves your cultural foods that tend to be higher in fat and calories.  But this food is a part of who you are and you don’t want to give it up in exchange for bowls of kale salad and quinoa.  This is all understandable and as a health/nutrition coach in training I’m here to tell you that you DON’T have to give up these things.  You have to make fitness “fit” your lifestyle.  You have to get creative with your meals and find better ways to prepare the foods you eat or select where to eat.  You have to find ways to fit workouts into your busy schedule…even if some of these ways are quite non-conventional.  You have to educate yourselves on these “weight charts” and other tools that put what fitness is into a box that they say people should conform to. My goal and passion is to help you with this.

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to do some things I haven’t done before.  I’ll still continue to post topics here on my blog related to fitness ideals, using technology to get and stay fit, healthier ways to eat and healthy meal ideas, and other topics.  But I’m also planning some other resources that I think know can help people.  I’m not only trying to reach those who have already opened themselves to a more fit lifestyle.  I want to reach those who don’t find such a lifestyle realistic for them for reasons such as what I stated above.  Be on the look out for e-Books, events, newsletters and other tools I’m working on to help the average person who just wants to find a way to get more fit while developing healthier habits that are realistic and better fits their lifestyles.  I really appreciate my followers and want to give you the best I can offer so I hope that you’ll stay with me and invite others to join, as well.  Stay tuned…the best is yet to come!

Yours Truly,
A Fitness Tech Diva

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I'm a wife, mother, IT career woman, MBA, fun, loving person who enjoys wearing multiple hats and living life to the fullest. I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and have been working in the field of technology for over a decade, which I enjoy very much. Additionally, I'm passionate about fitness and eating well so I'm always researching related topics and enjoy sharing this information with others. My blog merges the things I'm passionate about by turning these topics into what I hope you find are interesting blog posts. So glad you stopped by and hope to see you back here soon!

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