How the Tech Market Isn’t Serving Moms & KidsLink’s Answer to This

(NOTE: I am an affiliate for KidsLink and making this post in support of their product.  This involves an agreement that I will receive a payment from them when the app is downloaded via the link I have provided at the bottom of this post.  However, I DO NOT agree to be an affiliate for any company whose product I do not believe in.  As a mom of two kids and lover of technology, I TRULY believe in the KidsLink app.  I hope that after reading this blog post you will, too.)

An an IT pro who has been in the field for over 12 years now, I am fascinated by how far technology has brought us.  What used to require a stamp and mailbox now only requires the click of a “send” button (email).  Or how about sharing your children’s precious moments with family and friends when they visit by pulling out the huge photo album?  Yes some would call those the good ol’ days but boy has technology made life easier by not requiring these things anymore.  But even with the evolution of technology it seems that the needs of moms are somewhat neglected.  This could be due to a number of reasons.  Maybe there aren’t enough female software developers who are moms.  Or maybe there just simply aren’t enough software developers who even understand the needs of moms (or take the time to do so).  Well finally a software developer knowledgeable in the world of social media has taken out the time to develop something to meet the needs of moms.  The new KidsLink app has been developed with mom in mind.  You can call it the new social media for moms….think Facebook + Instagram + Dropbox.  What moms everywhere have been waiting for is finally here.KidsLink The KidsLink app is definitely filling a void in the app market.  There’s an app for almost everything these days….games, dating, exercising….apps that make our everyday lives easier.  And let’s not talk about the explosion of social media where we love to stay in touch with family and friends through posted words and pictures. But for many moms there is a bit of concern here especially when it comes to security.  Even with the ability to customize your security settings in apps such as Facebook it’s not that easy to be selective in who sees what.  I’ll give you an example.  I just had a 10th birthday party for my daughter.  Of course, I took lots of pictures.  But when I started to post them to Facebook I got a little concerned about sharing my kid’s precious moments with everyone on my friend list. And not only that but I also had other kids photographed and I wasn’t sure if their parents wanted pictures of them posted for total strangers to see.  So after some thought I decided against posting the pictures.  The KidsLink app can help alleviate this concern. KidsLink appFinally, there’s a social media app that is geared toward moms who really want to be more selective in sharing those precious moments of their children’s lives.  Not only does it allow you to be selective with this info but it also meets other needs of moms such as storing immunization records and birth certificates.  You can even categorize everything per each child.  KidsLink is truly an app that was created to organize information based on how moms live. It is great for the moms like myself who love sharing on social media but are well aware of the security risks involved.  It’s also great for moms who are looking for KidsLink appsomething to help them be more organized.  The KidsLink app is here to simply make the lives of moms easier through the use of technology many of us have become accustomed to using daily anyway. Interested in trying out this cool new app? Then please follow the link below.  Finally, a social media app for us moms!!!




  • Note: KidsLink is invitation only, but you can download the app from the app store (or use the quicklink and redeem using my code 1913.  Also, the app is currently only available on iOS or via iTunes.  The app will be made available for Android in spring so be sure to check back if you’re Team Droid.


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