How I Use Evernote to Organize My Life

Evernote is a very nifty app I started using about a year or so ago to better manage my notes.  It interested me initially as a free app evernote icon(there are also versions available at a fee that offer more features) that I could use to divide information I wanted to remember into categories (notebooks in Evernote).  This was something I couldn’t with more basic note apps such as those that came pre-installed on my phone. There are other features Evernote offers that I have grown to love. Here are my fave features that help me manage my growing business and life in general.

1) I can enter & access my info on different platforms
I love this feature because I can enter info into Evernote from my phone, tablet, and laptop. This has worked extremely well for me especially in cases where I suddenly get an idea for something I want to jot down & add to later such as a blog post idea. In fact, I’m starting this post using Evernote on my phone & will later finish it on my laptop.  I don’t have to do anything to send the info from my phone because it’s all synced.  It’s that easy.

2) Allows me to create “notebooks” that help me categorize my info

I’ve created notebooks for different things I’m working on such as


Part of my Evernote list of notebooks

blogging and a to-do task list.  Evernote makes it very easy for me to “organize my life” into categories that I can update as needed from anywhere.

3) Has a reminder feature
So I’m guilty of creating notes then forgetting about them.  This decreases the value of creating notes.  Notes contain information that we generally need to reference again at a later time.  Evernote’s answer to this…a reminder feature.  This feature allows you to set a evernotereminder so that you can be notified when you note is due.  So for example, if I add a blog post that I need to publish by Friday I can start writing the post in Evernote then set a reminder for myself to be notified in 2 days to publish the post.  How convenient!  No more having to rely on fancy, overpriced planners!


4) Has free version that offers cool features for small businesses & personal use as well as versions available for a fee with even more savvy features 
Not much more to say here…this speaks for itself.  Who doesn’t like something for free that meets your needs but offers a paid option that gives you even more?  I don’t know about you but I like those options!

5) Offers cool formatting options such as bullet lists and check lists
I really like this because when I start something out in Evernote and transfer it over to for example, Microsoft Word, the formatting such as bold font and bullet lists transfer over, as well.

6) Allows attachment of videos, pictures, and files
For me, this takes what I create in Evernote beyond an ordinary note I might create elsewhere.  If I want to take a foodie pic while out eating somewhere and write a short blog post about it then I can easily do all that using Evernote.  So it’s a great feature.

7) Makes it easy to share my info with others via collaboration featuresevernote
I haven’t used this feature much but as a mini-project manager I am grateful for this being available in the free version of Evernote.

I am still exploring what all Evernote has to offer.  But for now, it is meeting my needs and exceeding my expectations.  I just love it!  I even wrote this entire blog post in Evernote before transferring it over to WordPress.  If you haven’t checked out Evernote already then I encourage you to do so.  I think you’ll love it, too.

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