Hot, New Fashion Trend: Athleisure!

Fashion is ever-changing with new styles of clothing getting introduced to the world as well as old styles being brought back from years ago. fitness fashion leggingsBut what’s exciting for me about this is that it also includes fitness fashion!  Long gone are the days of very limited options in what to wear to the gym such as your old jogging pants and worn-out t-shirt.  And with the rise of fitness fashion trends such as athleisure no longer is your fitness clothing just for the gym.  What this trend brings is fitness clothing so hot that you’ll want to wear it at the gym and beyond!

Athleisure, which is clothing that you can wear during your workouts that easily can also be worn as casual wear such as when running errands, has several great benefits that can save us money and add provide convenience.  Here are a few benefits of this type of clothing that stand out most to me:
Serves multiple purposes so you can get more use out of them: You don’t have to be limited to wearing your “athleisure wear” for workouts but can also easily wear them casually.  This clothing looks nice and trendy enough for you to want to wear it beyond the gym.
Money savings: Piggy-backing off the previous benefit because you can wear this clothing for multiple purposes then it can also save you money. So now instead of just wearing your fave workout leggings to the gym you can also switch it up and wear them while out shopping or just hanging out for leisure…and still look super stylish!
Time savings: With fitness clothing getting so trendy you won’t always need to change into clothes for the gym…maybe you’re already wearing them!
Growing variety available: With this new growing trend in fashion there is also increased variety of this type of clothing becoming available.  And you can find it at various price ranges.  As many of you know, I recently launched Curvalicious Fitness Fashion in Dec 2015 as my high waisted short leggingsonline boutique selling fitness fashion that is cute and trendy enough to wear at the gym and beyond.  And recently I’ve heard that celebs such as Beyonce are also launching a pricier athleisure wear line.  So the variety of this clothing available goes well beyond plain leggings and a tank and varies in price range!

I don’t know about you but I’m loving this new fashion trend called athleisure!  If you are looking for some cute, fashionable athleisure wear then be sure to check out Curvalicious Fitness Fashion, A Fitness Tech Diva’s fitness fashion online boutique!  Some of my girls who wore athleisure leggingsthe angel wing leggings with a cute t-shirt as a casual outfit said they got so many compliments from people…especially the guys 🙂  So if you’re about that “fit life” and always looking for something new to rock at the gym then be sure to follow this fashion trend…I’m sure it is here to stay for many more years to come.

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