Hey Fellas, 7 Reasons to Lose (or Avoid) That Beer Belly

Image from hearthealth.workswithwater.co.uk

Image from hearthealth.workswithwater.co.uk

We’ve all seen an increase in bulging bellies as we get older whether it is with our friends or ourselves. It just seems to be a part of getting older….but it doesn’t have to be nor should it be and for good reasons. While big (non-pregnant) bellies can adversely affect the health of men and women, this article focuses more on how it affects men. The effects it can have range from a variety of health problems to sexual performance. Hopefully, the reasons listed here will motivate men reading this to do something about their bulging bellies or avoid ever having one. Not only are they highly unattractive but in some cases it could even mean life or death. So let’s dive in!

1) It’s highly unattractive. I mean who really thinks a man walking around the pool or at the beach looking as if he’s pregnant is hot? The point here is men do not find it attractive for women who aren’t pregnant and we feel the same about men who obviously aren’t pregnant!

2) It negatively affects your health. Underlying belly fat, also known as visceral fat, surrounds internal organs and increases your risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, and colorectal cancer. Nothing about this sounds good.

3) More than 40 inches for waist measurement in men indicates an unhealthy concentration of belly fat according to Men’s Health on www.mayoclinic.com (more than 35 inches according to Dr. Oz).

4) A study found a link between low testosterone levels and belly fat, which can also mean a decreased level of libido. In a nutshell, a bulging belly can affect your sex drive fellas. – find source

5) A bulging belly can contribute to erectile dysfunction (YIKES!).

6) It can cause joint and back pain (this is obvious due to the extra weight being carried).

7) Last but not least, a bulging belly makes the penis look smaller and according to Dr. Oz the extra layer of fat bundle from belly fat surrounds the shaft causing the penis to get enveloped by these folds of fat. Just imagine the extra fat that gets in the way when you’re trying to “get it in”. It just makes things a bit more complicated than they should be (not to mention unsightly).

So there you have it fellas. If these reasons don’t at least motivate you just a little to get rid of your bulging belly or avoid ever having one then I don’t know what will. But the choice is yours. I mean isn’t the smaller penis and possible erectile dysfuction enough reason to motivate you?

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