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With the warmer months and longer days finally arriving, kids everywhere are taking advantage and enjoying playtime outside with friends giving parents some greatly appreciated time to chill-lax.  Most of us parents have our kids follow the ol’ school rule of coming in the house before the street lights come on.  But with so many crazy people around nowadays as a parent that rule just doesn’t seem to be enough for my comfort level.  Some scary but eye-opening statistics I found in this article included that only 24% of the time a child gets kidnapped by someone unknown by the family and majority of abducted children are killed within the first 3 hours after being taken.   After reading those stats I find it more important than ever to know my children’s whereabouts at all times and I’m sure you do, too.  GPS

I’d much rather have the ability to track my children’s whereabouts without the need for them to carry around any big, bulky devices that may interfere with their playtime.  Also, with advances in technology many of these devices now allow you to set up “geo-fences”, which are boundaries you can create and you are alerted if your child ventures outside of them.  So I did some research and found a few very cool techie devices that can help with this.  If you have kids and can relate then please read on:

Toddler Tag Child Locator offered via Brick House Security: This nifty device attaches easily to your child’s clothing, bag or even shoe and allows tracking up to 150 feet.  The loud siren it features offers extra protection and reassurance that your child can be located easily even in a noisy crowd.  Price offered via the Brick House Security site: $26.99

hereO GPS Watch: This watch not only looks cool but also has some very cool features that parents are sure to love.  Pairing with an app that can be downloaded onto your mobile devices, this watch can help you track your child’s whereabouts in a number of ways including 1) creating a virtual fence around areas you designate as safe and alerting you when your child travels outside of these areas, 2) being waterproof and able to withstand rough child’s play, 3) providing up to 48 hours of usage between charging, and 4) being available in a variety of cool colors that your little ones will enjoy showing off.  And the pricing announced for this watch according to the hereO site, which is set to become available for shipping starting in September 2014, will retail for $149 requiring only a 3-month contract with only a monthly $4.95 monthly charge required after this period.  Not bad at all for having peace of mind when it comes to your children.

Amber Alert GPS: Offered through AT&T stores nationwide, this device has a variety of features to keep your child safe and you with peace of mind.  Some great features include 1) two-way calling that allow you to call your child or even your child call you with the touch of a button, 2) ability to track your child’s whereabouts online or via the mobile app offered for the device, 2) notification sent if your child ventures outside of defined “safe zones”, and 4) SOS alert sent in case your child needs help.  And for this protection to your child and peace of mind for you the Amber Alert GPS device can be purchased for only $125 with a monthly $15 plan.  It is also rated as number one on the Top 10 Reviews site for GPS trackers.

eZoom: This device, like some other GPS tracking devices, also connects to an app that can alert you when your child wanders outside of defined safe areas and sends location updates every 30 seconds.  Your child can also reach you via the touch of an SOS button.  Being durable and waterproof, it is also sure to lasts through much of your children’s playtime.  The eZoom device is available for $99 with a monthly service plan ranging from a one-year $19.99/month to a two-year paid upfront plan of $311.76.

hereO GPS Watches

hereO GPS Watches

As of now, the hereO GPS Watch is winning for me and is my fave.  I love the features it offers and I think my kids will enjoy wearing it because of the cool variety of colors offered.  I also love the fact that it connects to an app that I can download to my mobile devices and even my kids mobile devices.  But for more discrete devices I would highly recommended checking out others that may be worn in different places such as underneath clothing or in your child’s pocket.  With the popularity of mobile devices I would also highly recommend checking into devices that pair easily with an app.  There isn’t a real price you can put on your child’s safety and peace of mind and it is great that technology has made it possible for us to have without breaking the bank.



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